7 digital trends that will dominate this 2021


7 digital trends that will dominate this 2021

This year promises to be explosive in technological changes and digital content will be no exception

It does not matter if you do not do marketing or create content, if your work includes some digital aspect, these 2020 digital trends will definitely be interesting to you:

1 TikTok: 7 digital trends that will dominate this 2021

In this column I had already told you what this social network that continues to break records around the world is about. It is the fastest growing social network and, of course, the one that is taking the most hours per user from YouTube and Facebook TOGETHER.

You should definitely review it immediately, the dynamics is simple: it is micro-video-blogging, they are musical video performances with overlapping audios, with a great load of humor and entertainment.

However, IT IS EVOLVING at a great rate, if you enter today you will realize that it is no longer just a music app for dancing, it has been exploiting all kinds of content.

The first thing you will notice is that the numbers on this platform are exorbitant; the interaction is thousands of times higher than in any other social network, so do not be surprised, here a micro influencer is considered such from 700 thousand followers.

By the way, the most viral videos on Facebook are coming off TikTok. Probably the videos you are watching on face are a thing of weeks ago on TikTok. UPGRADE OLD MAN

2 LinkedIn: 7 digital trends that will dominate this 2021

Its level of acceptance and retention rate is impressing everyone, they say that it is becoming more and more like Facebook and it is true, but it is also true that it has not lost its entrepreneurial and business essence.

The surprise is that it is getting interaction and attention as an educational platform, which is great. If you have not gotten into generating content here, it is the best time, people are fresh and there is more and more content of value and entertainment.

So you are in time to gain a good audience on LinkedIn, check what companies like Cheddar Inc are doing :

3 The neural network: 7 digital trends that will dominate this 2021

It is incredible that we have been two decades into the new millennium and people continue to talk about the “algorithm” on social networks. Algorithm the random mode in your Windows Media Player 98. In social networks it is prehistoric to talk about algorithms.

Neural networks are complex learning mechanisms that combine elements such as machine learning, programmatic, artificial intelligence, decision trees and of course, real-time analysis of your behavior and consumption.

The latter means that they analyze you in real time, from the intensity with which you press the screen, expressions, gestures, heart rate, breathing, conversations, etc, etc, etc …

All this helps to show you content more personalized to what you like, since it is decided in real time how to engage with the next video in your feed.

But people keep talking about algorithms as if they were talking about minesweeper .

CLARIFICATION: This does not mean that social networks do not use algorithms, it is just that talking about “algorithms” does not make sense anymore, it is like saying that web pages have HTML as a novelty .

4 virtual assistants

Voice search is a technology that has been around for a long time, but this year it promises to be THE total BOOM.

The interesting thing is that starting this year we will see a great growth of companies developing applications and content for virtual assistants, for now the market is scarce, but it comes with everything.

Those of us who already interact with home assistants every day know that it works a bit similar to any device; you can download applications (they are called Skills) or new functionalities. “Hey Siri put X radio station, Alexa turns off the oven, Ok Google turns on the washing machine, etc.”

So if you are not consuming or making content through virtual assistants you are missing it, it is a virgin market.

5 War of streaming

This year we will witness the  Infinity War  of streaming services: Netflix, Amazon, Apple and Disney will throw all the meat on the grill:

We will see a gigantic change in on-demand entertainment  , as well as integration of streaming even in FOOD

Countless series and exclusive films will be released, which will cause a drastic change in the consumption of online and offline content.

This will pull the entire on-demand entertainment market with it since now everything will be streaming, such as video games , software, etc. As I had said a while ago in this article.

6 Advertising in messaging apps

This “change” is old news but it is NOT YET ARRIVING. Facebook promised the integration of advertising on platforms like What’sApp for years.

This year the promise is still valid and it is great news for lovers of making money online; It will allow us to annoy more people in less time.

7 Subscription

Within the 2020 Digital Trends, perhaps the most beneficial change for consumers is the consummation of consumption in the form of subscription or income. Let me explain you:

Sharing economies have made technology accessible to almost any budget. For example, you no longer need to be high-income to have a high-end smartphone (Huawei) and you don’t need to be a millionaire to have a voice assistant at home .

ALL the technology developers in the world are working to universalize the industry and reach more markets BUT HOW WILL THEY DO IT? Well, with income systems.

The most recent case will be Tesla, which will start the rental of autonomous electric vehicles , to name a first case.

No more initial payments or technological depreciation, SIMPLY rent a device and when it is obsolete you replace it under the same monthly income.

2020 digital trends conclusion

This new decade promises to be emblematic, let’s see together how these new 2020 digital trend technologies develop.

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