Are boxing instructional books useful?


Are boxing instructional books useful?

In the past, the first thing that came to mind to learn a subject was to read books on the subject. Now things have changed enormously … we see tutorial videos on YouTube. Are they just as effective? It is undeniable that books have allowed many generations to learn a new foreign language, gardening, poetry, guitar …
Although it is clear that today we have the advantage of having new technologies.
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The risks of being a boxer.
But, anyway, to familiarize yourself with boxing in  the theoretical field (which is very important and even seems inevitable), you can consult some titles of great works:
Training of combat technique and tactics . Andy Dumas.
Basic manual of thai boxing muay thai . Christoph Delp.
Complete manual for the practice of kick-boxing . Juan José Albbuixech.
Fitness Boxing. Boxing training to get in shape . Andy Dumas and Jamie Dumas.
Boxing techniques . Isidro Curiel.
60 Days to Superior MMA – A Comprehensive Nutrition and Strength Training Guide to Get Stronger, Faster, and More Powerful . Mariana Correa.
Boxing & MMA: Basics of physical training . Pedro Luis Diaz.
With just one click you have them at home, although you can also go to your favorite bookstore!
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Is it really possible to start boxing at home?: Are boxing instructional books useful?

In the beginning, everything works against learning boxing at home and in favor of more conventional learning methods … But it is only an appearance!
While it is true that in a boxing gym you will benefit from the advice of a coach and good equipment, there are many alternatives to boxing at home equally effectively.
In boxing, you have to know how to separate the fight, that final confrontation that should always be our goal, from training, which can be done in many ways. Of course, it will be difficult to organize a match between two experienced boxers at home.
On the other hand, there are several ways to prepare for it or simply train from the ground up to perfection:  shadow boxing,  sparring , bodybuilding, cardio, punching bag … These are exercises that can be done, almost anywhere, and do not always require of a partner.

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