Choose your support tutor well


Choose your support tutor well

Before starting private lessons, you have to find a good teacher !: Choose your support tutor well

In private tutoring agencies, the company takes care of finding you a private teacher: the question does not arise.
On the contrary, at Superprof, it is the students who can choose the ideal teacher adapted to their skills and needs.

There are several criteria to take into account: Choose your support tutor well

The level of the student : elementary, intermediate or advanced? To find a good teacher, you have to define your own level and choose a more or less experienced trainer.
The types of classes : when you talk online with your teacher, think about asking about their availability to check that it matches your schedules.
The objectives of the course : to help a student to advance effectively, the teacher must know the objective of his classes. It can be to get a good mark in an exam, improve the level or obtain a level certificate in a foreign language …
The price : at Superprof, it is the teachers who determine the price. You can negotiate thanks to subscriptions with interesting discounts.
The teacher’s reputation : Our Super Teachers receive evaluations from their students, who often leave comments to explain what they liked about their classes. Good grades show that the teacher is a pedagogue, which is a great advantage over your future training.
By using our platform, parents will not have to find the ideal teacher the first time, since they have a month to contact all the teachers they have selected.
In addition, it is essential to choose well, since private teachers usually accompany their students for several years.

With the help of a competent teacher, the student will be able to review all the subjects of the educational system:

Math classes,
Language classes,
English classes,
German classes,
French classes,
Physics and chemistry classes,
Biology classes,
History and geography classes,
Philosophy classes, etc.
Do not hesitate to discover all the advantages of private classes at home today.

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