Control your voice type


Control your voice type

From a global perspective, where music is related to articulation, phonation and a theatrical performance like this, vocal technique is strongly related to voice type.
As mentioned before, knowing our voice type means learning to educate and know it. The voice will be our best friend and our greatest ally. So it is a friendship that you have to take care of every day .
For this, practice and the power of persuasion are paramount. A very simple tip to be successful in understanding how your own voice works : locate yourself. The fact of recording ourselves , locating ourselves and understanding more simply the amplitude of our organ will also help us to know our weaknesses and limitations.
Those parts that are most perfectible will be those that we will have to listen to and reproduce more to refine the type of voice.
In addition, we can also select the songs that we sing to make sure that our voice will fit well. How? Looking for music stars who have the same type of voice as us.
We have done a little search to help you and encourage you to find your first songs according to your type of voice.

The best-known singers with a soprano voice are: Control your voice type

Maria Callas
Montserrat Caballe
Britney Spears
Mariah carey
Christina Aguilera
Whitney houston
Celine dion
Laura Pausini

The mezzo – soprano you can search for famous songs from are: Control your voice type

Katy Perry
Bonnie tyler
Rocio durcal
Miley Cyrus
Ella Fitzgerald

If you have a contralto voice , you have the same voice as the following singers: Control your voice type

Nina simone
Alicia Keys
Amy Winehouse
Mercedes sosa
Tina Turner
Lady Gaga
King’s wool

If you are a tenor man , you have the same record as these singers:

Freddy mercury
Michael jackson
The Weeknd
Placido Domingo
Luciano Pavarotti
David Bisbal
Marc Anthony
Bruno mars
Ed Sheeran

These are some of the baritone singers in the musical sphere:

Tiziano Ferro
Elvis presley
David Bowie
Frank Sinatra
Michael Bublé
Leonard Cohen
Liam gallagher

If you are short, you have the same voice as:

Barry white
Tim riley
Ken turner
Avi Klaplan

American singer Barry White.

Singing the different songs of these famous singers will mean that you practice with more ease (and pleasure) to improve your performance.
However, you can do it in the opposite direction by trying to listen to your favorite songs (even current music!) To find your own voice type .
Imagine that you love Mariah Carey and realize that singing the notes she sings is relatively easy for you. The same goes for Elvis Presley, whose songs have no technical secrets for you, you feel at ease and you reproduce the King’s songs with disconcerting ease. Go for it!
In the first case, it is a safe bet that you are a soprano, and in the second case, you are a baritone. Simple, and often effective, the world of musicals and singers is waiting for you!
Find out what kind of voice you have thanks to our online singing classes .
Finding your voice type is a fairly easy thing to do , which you simply have to master before joining a choir or auditioning for a musical. This what we call tessitura will be your tool for life , so enjoy it and take care of it!

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