Does Netflix spy on you? they themselves reveal what they do to send you recommendations


Does Netflix spy on you? they themselves reveal what they do to send you recommendations

A false story revealed that the company is only dedicated to sending occasional emails to all users

Photo: AFP

Netflix on Tuesday denied having contacted one of its users who had allegedly watched 188 episodes of his favorite series in a week.

The fake story was posted earlier this month on PizzaBottle, a low-key entertainment website. The author of the article related a message posted on the Reddit forum by a stranger in which he explains having been contacted by Netflix for his intense consumption of television series.

The netizen tells that he was a bit depressed and that he had seen all 188 episodes of the American series “The Office” in a week. That’s almost 10 hours of Netflix a day.

According to the article, the video platform asked him to contact them to verify that everything was fine in his life.

The story, reported in numerous media, especially French, is false.

“Netflix does not proactively contact its users to make sure they are doing well based on their consumption habits,” the company told AFP, confirming the denial of its French subsidiary.

Occasionally, we email our members to share recommendations that they might appreciate.:Does Netflix spy on you?

The deception had something seductive, due to the latest controversies in which the streaming giant recently found itself, accused of being too invasive in the private lives of consumers.

Before Christmas, the company had written a humorous tweet: “To the 53 people who have seen ‘A Christmas Prince’ every day for the last 18 days: who has hurt them?”

In an infographic in which it summarized its year 2017, Netflix used its characteristic humor to ensure that a user had seen “Pirates of the Caribbean” every day of the year.

Many Internet users then wondered about the company’s use of their personal data and asked that it be better protected.


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