German classes in the main cities of Spain


German classes in the main cities of Spain

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Learn German in Madrid
Learn German in Barcelona
Learn German in Valencia
Learn German in Seville
Learn German in Zaragoza
Learn German in Malaga
If you want to learn German, there are many options to study this language.
The development of the Internet has helped the self-taught and those with little budget to learn German online for free and easily . Surely you have also googled at some time: “pages to learn German”, “learn German for free”, ” online German courses” “intensive German courses”, “learn German easily” or “German exercises”. Thanks to web pages, applications and digital materials, German can be learned effectively.
However, if you prefer the more traditional methods , you also have many options. The development that Germany is currently experiencing has made more and more people dare to study Goethe’s language in order to progress professionally, with which the German learning offer is numerous and varied.
But where can you study this language in the main cities of Spain? Here is a compilation of the best places where you can learn German in Spain .
Learn German in Madrid

¿ Where to learn German in Madrid ?: German classes in the main cities of Spain

If you have a very demanding work schedule or if you simply prefer to attend German classes in which full attention is paid to you, then taking private classes in Madrid is the best option for you.
If you do not have the necessary budget for private German classes, which sometimes tend to be quite expensive, here are some other alternatives to improve your level of the language:
The famous Goethe-Institut is based in Madrid and offers different types of courses covering all styles and levels. Search here for German courses in Madrid .

The best places to study German in Madrid.: German classes in the main cities of Spain

Tandem Madrid was founded in 1982 and is one of the most prestigious training centers in Spain. They offer German and English courses for children, youth, adults and companies (intensive, preparatory, summer, quarterly, etc.). You can even choose to take private or two-person classes.
The VEITH Institut divides its entire German educational program from zero to advanced level. They offer several courses depending on the speed of learning you want to take.
Finally, Lernen Madrid also offers various types of German courses: intensive courses, quarterly courses, courses for children and adolescents, conversation courses, private lessons and online German courses .
Learn German in Barcelona

¿ Where to learn German in Barcelona ?: German classes in the main cities of Spain

The UB School of Modern Languages (EIM) offers the possibility of studying more than fifteen different languages, including German, from beginner to advanced level, through general, specific and international exam preparation courses.
The Goethe Institut is also based in Barcelona. It offers language courses, as well as workshops, seminars, and exams to assess your progress.
At BCN Languages ​​they offer two types of German courses: standard and intensive, with small groups and native teachers.

Places to learn German in Barcelona: German classes in the main cities of Spain

In Die Schule , in addition to language classes and internships at the school, they offer internships in companies, in Berlin and Barcelona. In its partner companies you will be able to reinforce your knowledge in a professional context and, in addition, you will have the opportunity to experience life in another country.
Regarding the associations, you can contact Catnova or WIJUS:
The objective of Canova language courses is to help students improve their professional skills to find a job, improve the current one or have broader possibilities in the national and international labor market.
On the other hand, WIJUS is a club of young international managers who want to grow professionally, do business and have fun together. They are united by speaking German, without excluding those who are learning it and share their profile.
If you want to learn professional German, FEDA has been linking the needs of each student and those of the business world for more than 30 years and they make sure to provide tailor-made training for future employees in the administration and sales sectors.
Finally, if you prefer private lessons to receive personalized attention, do not hesitate to find your ideal German private teacher.
Learn German in Valencia

¿ Where to learn German in Valencia ?

The University of Valencia makes the Language Center available to the university community and the general public to meet the needs of learning foreign languages. They offer general, intensive courses (July, August and September), exam preparation and tailor-made courses.
The German Center offers a wide variety of courses with very flexible schedules: annual, extensive or intensive for all levels, from beginners to advanced, junior and senior, business and conversation. They also offer tailor-made courses for companies. In addition, it is a teaching delegation and examination center of the Goethe Institut.

Places to learn German in Valencia

The methodology they use in AIP Languages classes is based on a communicative approach so that your exposure to German is as great as possible. They offer German courses for children, adolescents and adults (standard, intensive, summer, conversation …).
In The Language Station , you will learn vocabulary, pronunciation and interpretation of both spoken and written languages, and discover the customs of German culture in an entertaining way to make learning easier.
At Das Haus Valencia they offer German courses for ESO / Bachelor and German courses for university students and the general public. At Das Haus Valencia they collaborate with a prestigious language school in Germany on the shores of Lake Constance where you can do a language stay.
Regarding associations, you can contact SEACAVA , whose main objective is to contribute to the rapprochement between the Valencian and German cultures, among many other functions; or with the AGPACV (Associació de Germanistes i Professors d’Alemany de la Comunitat Valenciana), which is made up of Germanists, teachers, students and anyone who is interested in German language and culture.
If you prefer private lessons , you are guaranteed to learn German and progress at your own pace with a teacher who will tailor his lessons to your goals.
Learn German in Seville

¿ Where to learn German in Sevilla ?

If you want to dedicate yourself to teaching German, one of the options you have is to study the Degree in German Language and Literature at the University of Seville . Graduates will be qualified for teaching, work in companies and the development of other professions in which knowledge of the German language, literature or culture is essential or of interest: tasks of journalistic analysis, work in the editorial area, translation and interpretation, etc.
If you need to learn German in Seville in a short time to work or obtain an official degree from the Goethe Institut, BLS Idiomas is a good option. Its methodology is based on total immersion of the student from day one, small groups and innovative means to make classes more enjoyable and productive.

Places to learn German in Seville

At Idiomas Sevilla they follow a communicative approach with native teachers who will help you learn German to meet the needs you have: work, leisure, purely training. Languages ​​Sevilla presents its German courses for children and young people, focused on learning German as a second / third language.
The classes at the Macarena Language Center are entertaining and practical; the teachers are native speakers, they are qualified and have great experience; the groups are small (average of 6-8 students). They offer quarterly, intensive and semester courses. Feel free to find out and sign up for the one that suits you best.
At the Official Language School of Seville , the German Department currently has three different levels, divided into five courses. Among the extracurricular activities they offer are: weekly language exchange with native speakers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland (Stammtisch), and weekly Conversation Clubs taught by conversation assistants.
Finally, if you think that language schools and other academies are not made for you, you can choose a private German teacher . This solution is ideal for learning Heidi Klum’s language at your own pace and whenever you want.
Learn German in Zaragoza

¿ Where to learn German in Zaragoza ?

The purpose of the University Center for Modern Languages is to promote and facilitate the learning and practice of modern languages ​​for members of the university community and Aragonese society. In addition to the general courses, the CULM of the University of Zaragoza also offers the possibility of learning languages ​​in the modalities of Intensive, Conversation and Specific.
The Lern Deutsch German Center is the only private academy in Zaragoza dedicated since 1989 solely to teaching German, with very high quality standards. They offer annual courses for all levels and all ages with small groups and consist of three quarterly cycles, and intensive courses in summer and quarterly. In addition, they prepare for the Goethe Institut exams and organize stays in Germany.
Classes at the Prüfungszentrum Goethe-Institut are coordinated by native German and bilingual teachers with extensive experience in teaching German. They offer courses for children and adults, and intensive courses in summer, from beginner level A1 to the highest level C2 in small classes. With them you can, in addition to learning German, certify your level by taking the official Goethe Institut exams.

Places to learn German in Zaragoza

In Mitte offer courses they varied German and also is the only trainer and examiner center official TELC certificates for the German language levels A1 to C2 in Zaragoza.
Another option is to study German at the EOI in Zaragoza . Currently the following languages ​​are taught: German, Spanish as a foreign language, French, English, Italian and Russian.
Finally, the option of using a good German private teacher is ideal for those who want to learn the language from home and in a relaxed atmosphere.
Learn German in Malaga

¿ Where to learn German in Malaga ?

The FGUMA Language Center offers training courses with native English, German, Italian, French, Japanese and Korean teachers. The courses at the Language Center have the recognition of 1 ECTS credit for every 25 teaching hours for UMA students.
Are you passionate about German and want to dedicate yourself to it professionally? Do you dream of translating German books and movies or being a conference interpreter? Well, think no more and study the Degree in Translation and Interpreting at the University of Malaga , where you can study German as a second language and prepare to dedicate yourself to languages ​​professionally.
At Deutsch Schule they offer a wide range of courses for students, professionals and companies alike. There are courses for adults and students but also German classes for children. To perfect the language, they recommend an intensive course in Germany. Deutsch Schule is a TELC and TestDaf examination center, they have contacts with German companies and institutions and many of their students have already found the job or training of their dreams thanks to German.

Places to study German in Malaga

The team of native Malaga PLUS teachers , with extensive experience and highly qualified, will help you improve your level of German in a fun and enjoyable way. Its lessons are based on communication skills, so you will be able to express yourself fluently in German in no time.
At the EOI in Malaga you can also study German, as well as familiarize yourself with German, Swiss or Austrian culture and current affairs.
Finally, wherever you live in Malaga, you will surely find more than one teacher willing to give you private German classes at home. To do this, you just have to search a private lesson platform such as Superprof so that they will put you in contact with the teacher that suits you best.

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