HARBHAJAN SINGH PLAHA complete information


 HARBHAJAN SINGH PLAHA complete information

 HARBHAJAN SINGH PLAHA complete information
HARBHAJAN SINGH PLAHA complete information

Real name: Harbhajan Singh Paha

Nick name: Bhaji, the Turbinate, Thirubajan Singh

Date of birth: 3 July, 1980

Birth place: Jalandhar, Punjab, India.

Current age: 38 years

Role: all rounds

Profession: cricketer

Religion: Sikh

Nationality: Indian

His batting style: right handed

His bowling style: right arm

Major teams: Mumbai, Punjab, surrey, Chennai super king

His body weight in kg: 71 kg

His body weight in pounds: 156 lbs.

Height in m; 1.80 m

Height in cm: 180 cm

Height in ft. and inches: 5 ft. and 11 inches

His eye color: dark brown

His hair color: black


The Harbhajan Singh is a player of Indian cricket team. The profession of Harbhajan Singh is a cricketer. The Harbhajan Singh is born in 3 July 1980. The age of Harbhajan Singh is 37 years old. The birth place of Harbhajan Singh is Jalandhar Punjab in India. The zodiac sign of Harbhajan Singh is cancer. The nationality is Indian and the religion of Harbhajan Singh is Sikh. The Harbhajan Singh is a best player of Indian team. The full name is Harbhajan Singh Paha and his nick name is Bhaji and Turbinate. The nick name of his only calls his family members with love. He starts his early education in the top school of Mumbai. In primary level of study he was 1 month absent to the school due to fracture in his bone. After 1 month he comes back to the school he becomes so dull. Then he focus just on study and complete his primary study. After complete his secondary education. He was so happy and his family was so happy on his good performance. His father loved him very much and always appreciates him in any condition. His father always guides him to focus on his study. He always participates in many games which build on the school level. He always participate the cricket team and always win the match. After complete his study he join the cricket academy and gain the basic knowledge of the cricket. After few months he joins the Indian cricket team. His performance in any test match series is so perfect. He shows best behavior to the other person.


He is an international batsman of the Indian cricket team. His domestic career is so amazing. He was playing with many teams such as Punjab, surrey, Mumbai Indians, Chennai super kings. He first time playing with Punjab in 1997 to 2019 his performance in this test match series is so good. Then he was playing with the team of surrey in 2005 to 2007. Then he was playing with the team of Mumbai Indians on 2018 to 2019. He was also playing with Chennai super kings in 2018 to 2019. His performance in these test match series is so amazing, he was contract with as a test debut on 25 March 1998 with Australia, and the he was contract with Bangladesh as a last test on 10 June, 2015. He was contract with New Zealand with ODI debut on 17 April 1998 then he was playing as a last ODI with South Africa on 25 October, 2015. Then he was playing last T20l with UAE on 4 March 2016. His shirt number is 3, this number is lucky in this match. He was so happy on the last test match because he wins the match.


His batting style is so amazing then the other team members. He is right handed batsman of the Indian cricket team.


The father name of Harbhajan Singh is Sardar Served Singh Paha. His father is a business man. The mother name is Avtar Kaur. The mother of Harbhajan Singh is a house wife. They have no brother but they have five sisters. The four sisters are elder and one sister is younger from Harbhajan Singh. The have only one girlfriend. His girlfriend name is Geeta Basra. The Geeta Basra now his wife of Harbhajan Singh. The Geeta Basra is a most famous actress of Indian film industries. The marriage date of Harbhajan Singh is 29 October 2015. They have only one daughter. They have no son. The daughter name is Inayat Here Paha.


The Harbhajan Singh is get early education from the primary school of Jalandhar. The school name of Harbhajan Singh is jai hind model school. While the middle education is carry from the government model senior secondary school. Then higher study is carried from Doab School and Parvati Jain high school in Jalandhar. The college name is not known. The complete educational qualification of Harbhajan Singh is higher secondary. Then after study he was involve in cricket. The cricket playing is a dream of his childhood. Therefore the Harbhajan Singh is complete our dream after study. Now the Harbhajan Singh is a most famous player of Indian cricket team.


The face color is brownish and his face is matched with his parents. The Harbhajan Singh eyes color is dark brown and his hair color is black. The both color of his eyes and hairs is naturally. The Harbhajan Singh is not using any other color lenses for eyes beauty. The Harbhajan Singh is only used different products on our hairs like as shampoos, conditioner, and oils. These things are given protection from dryness and give protection from hairs fall. The Harbhajan Singh is wear black color cape on our head in all time. The cape is related to his religion Sikh. Therefore without our cape he was feel incomplete dressing.

 HARBHAJAN SINGH PLAHA complete information BODY SIZE:

The body height of Harbhajan Singh is 5 feet 11 inches. The body size in meters is 1.80 meters while the size of height in centimeters is 180 centimeters. The chest size is 38 inches and waist size is 34 inches while the biceps size is 14 inches. The body size is maintain with exercise and eats diet foods. The diet foods make the body healthy and stronger.


The body weight of Harbhajan Singh is 71 kilogram and his body weight in pounds is 156 IBS. The body weight is not occurring in constant in all time. The body weight in increase and decrease during the passage of time. The body weight increase is a big issue for cricketers because due to increase body weight is they cannot run properly during match. The breathing rate is also increase due to increase body weight. The Harbhajan Singh is maintaining our body weight with balance diet foods and exercise. The balance diet foods are making the body fit and healthy.



The favorite foods names of Harbhajan Singh is following as

  • Nando’s chicken.
  • Alou karri.
  • Gobi ka paratha.
  • Chinese foods.


The favorite color of Harbhajan Singh is black and blue. The black his cape color the Harbhajan Singh black cap cover is wear in all time. And blue color is present in cricket uniform. Therefore these are the favorite color of Harbhajan Singh. The blue color dresses is wear in different festivals and parties. The Harbhajan Singh looking so beautiful in these type dresses.


The favorite place of Harbhajan Singh is New Zealand. The Harbhajan Singh is goes to New Zealand for match playing. The sometime he was going to Australia for match playing.  But sometimes he was going with our family in different places for enjoyment.


  • He was rolling in film of Muses Shady Kasogi in 2004, he participate as a role of kopi. His performance in this film is so amazing. Mostly people like him character very much
  • He was rolling in film of Bhaji in problem in 2013 as a himself. It is a note of Punjabi debut.
  • His character in film of second hand husband in 2015 as a special appearance.


The favorite player of Harbhajan Singh is Sachin Tendulkar. The Sachin Tendulkar is a fast batsman of Indian cricket team. The Harbhajan Singh is like Sachin Tendulkar due to his behavior and the style of match playing. The Harbhajan Singh is like all the players but his favorite player name is Sachin Tendulkar.


The favorite actors of Harbhajan Singh are Gudas Mann and Babul Mann. The voice of his songs is touching the heart of walls. The Gudas Mann and Babul Mann is mostly published Punjabi songs. These both actors are famous due to Punjabi songs.


The hobbies of Harbhajan Singh is following as

  • Playing cricket.
  • Listen music.
  • Watching football match.


The Harbhajan Singh is does not smoking and does not take drinks. The smoking and alcohols cause many side effects in body like as cancer, kidney and lungs problems. Therefor the Harbhajan Singh is not taken these type things. These type things are most harmful for body health. The bodies due to alcohols become lazy and weak. The work is not act properly work. The alcohol type drinks is not allow during match.


The salary of Harbhajan Singh is not conforming. The salary of Harbhajan Singh is may be more than 6 lacs and below than 6 lacs. The match fee is different for different match like as

  • Fee for T20 match is RS 3 lakh.
  • Fee for ODI test is RS 7 lakh.
  • Fee for one day match is RS 25 lakh.


The net worth is $ 60 crores.

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