HASAN ALI complete information


HASAN ALI complete information

HASAN ALI complete information
HASAN ALI complete information

HASAN ALI complete information General information

Name: Hasan Ali.

Full name: Muhammad Hasan Ali.

Nick name: Hasan.

Date of birth: 2 July 1994.

Birth place: Mandi, Baha Uddin, Punjab, Pakistan.

Religion: Islam.

Nationality: Pakistani.

Current age: 24 years, 11 months, and 19 days.

Height in foot: and inches 5 foot and 7 inches.

Height in cm: 174cm.

Height in m: 1.74m.

Weight in kg: 68 kg.

Weight in pounds: 150 lbs.

Role: bowler

Batting style: right handed

Bowling style: left arm

Major teams: Pakistan team and other team

Favorite food: fast food

Favorite drink: juice

Favorite place: several places

Eye color: black

Hair color: black

Profession: Pakistani cricketer.

Marital status: unmarried.

Hobbies: listening music.

HASAN ALI complete information INTRODUCTION:

The Hasan Ali is born in Mandi in 2 July, 1994. He is a Muslim. He is cricketer of Pakistan team. The father name is Aziz Ur Rehman. His religion is Islam. His brother name is Atta Ur Rehman. Atta Ur Rehman is the elder brother of Hasan Ali. The age of Hasan Ali is 23 years old. His all family live in Gujranwala. The Hasan Ali is become very happy with our family. The Hasan Ali is unmarried and his no girlfriends.


Hasan Ali is a talent international bowler in the world. He was born in Mandi on 2 July in 1994. In his childhood he like to playing cricket but his parents to advise you to focused on his study. He completes his primary education from primary school of Mandi then he completes his matriculation when his age is 16 years. He participates in every game which is organized in the school level. He always won the games and get prize on his good performance. During study he focuses on his study and always show good result on his study performance. After his complete his study he joins the Pakistani cricketer team he was playing first time against the other team. in this test match series he win the match on his match his family come and appreciate you to gain his goal, success in any match who playing with interesting. He get 3 wickets out of conceding just 24 runs in a one day international match, he was playing against South Africa in June 2017. The second highest wickets he has taken in 11 match series out of 12 wickets in this match series Pakistan team won the match by 19 runs to the other teams. He is a bowler of Pakistani cricketer team. His bowling average in test match series is 18.33, 19.03 in T20I match series and 26.14 bowling average is in ODI match series. He always play well in every match. He also replace with the other team member for bad health. His international team is Pakistan, West Indies, South Africa, Ireland, England and New Zealand. He play test match in 10 may 2017 with West Indies, he also contract at last test on 11 January 20, 2019 with South Africa. He also contract with Ireland on 18 august 2016 in ODI debut. He contract last ODI with South Africa on 19 January 2019. He won the match and become so happy his captain is also proud on his good performance. His family also proud on his good performance. He always tries to won the match and always show good behavior with the other team members to play with and coming with outer countries. His domestic career is so amazing his teams are Peshawar Zami, St Kitts, Camilla Victorians and Nevis Patriots. He is playing with Peshawar salami in the year of 2016 to 2018. He also is playing with St Kitts and Nevis patriots in the year of 2017 to 2018. He also is playing with Camilla Victorians in the years of 2017 to present.

HASAN ALI complete information BODY SIZE:

The body is Hasan Ali is well than other cricketers. The Hasan Ali body size in height is 1.74m and 5 feet 7 inches. The size of biceps is 12 inches. The Hasan Ali is join gym for our body fitness. The arm size is moderate and legs is not longer and not a small. The legs size is moderate. But during the match the Hasan Ali is run very fast. The running speed is very fast than other cricketers.

HASAN ALI complete information BODY WEIGHT:

The weight is ultimately changed during the daily activities of life but now his body weight is 68 kilogram, 150Ibs. the Hasan Ali eat diet foods for body fitness because the body fitness is most necessary for cricketers because the cricketers is became in the front of camera for different like functions, parties, interviews and after match. The Hasan Ali is most famous personalities for his fans. Therefore the Hasan Ali eats diets foods for body fitness. And take daily walk and exercise for body health and fitness. If the body weight of cricketers is increase they run not properly in during match due to our body weight.

HASAN ALI complete information PHYSICAL APPERANCE:

The physical appearance is different than other cricketers. He is good looking man. The eye color is brown. The brown color is natural color of eyes of Hasan Ali. The hairs color is black the black color is natural color of hairs. He was not used any products on hairs except shampoo. Because the shampoo gives natural shining of hairs. The legs size is large. During the bowling he runs very fast with long legs. Through these legs they cover large distance in stadium. The arm size is moderate like other cricketers.

HASAN ALI complete information BOWLING STYLE:

The bowling style is amazing. He use right hand in match. The bowling speed is very fast. They run very fast during the bowling.


The batting style is right hand. The right hand is most powerful during the match. When the bowl is coming very fast they hit the bowl with bat and make sixes.


He obtain many awards but PCB and ICC player awards will be discussed


  • ICC World ODI XI in the year of 2017
  • He also get PCB emerging player awards in the year of 2017
  • He also gets PCB ODI Player awards in the year of 2018.


The favorite’s player of Hasan Ali is Shahid Afridi, Irfan, Babar Azzam, and Shahid Afridi. The Shahid Afridi is mostly favorite’s players of other cricketers and for other persons. These all players are best players of Pakistan team. The Pakistan team of players is best team than other teams of different countries.


The favorites foods of Hasan Ali is following as

  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Beef
  • Mutton
  • Potato
  • Cabbage

And in fast foods he was like burger, chicken pizza, sand witches, Marconi, and pasta.


The favorite drink is apple juice and strawberry juice. The apple juice and strawberry juice drink only in breakfast. The juice gives refreshment of our mind. They make the mind fresh and mind became as active due to juices.


The favorite car of Hasan Ali is Ferrari. The Ferrari is red of Hasan Ali. When the Hasan Ali is go from one place to another place they go with our Ferrari.


The favorite place is England and London. The Hasan Ali goes of that place when they are sad. After going these both places they became happy. They go during holidays. The Hasan Ali go with our family for enjoyment of those places. In England and London in which many historical places is occurring. This historical place is giving our information and increase the knowledge of our mind.


The favorite day of Hasan Ali is Friday. The Friday is most important and special day for Muslims.


The favorite songs of Ali Zafar. The Ali Zafar is a Pakistani singer. The voice of Ali Zafar songs touches the walls of heart. The song of Ali Zafar is very romantic and give freshmen of mind. Therefore the Hasan Ali hears only songs of Hasan Ali. They listen songs when the Hasan Ali is free.


The hobbies of Hasan Ali is following as

  • Reading newspaper.
  • Playing video games.
  • Watching movies.
  • Listening songs.


The no facts are occurring in Hasan Ali. The Hasan Ali is not involved in any bad habits. The away from any type bad habits. The take no drinks. No smoking. No go in club. These all type facts are not allowed in our Islam. In Islam these all facts is not occur in true Muslim.


The social media profile of Hasan Ali is used for public comments and information of the world. The social media is help the person and give opportunity of public is contact with Hasan Ali. The Hasan Ali is different websites is used. The different social media profile is following as


The salary of Hasan Ali is 250,000RS. The salary is not used in other bad works. The Hasan Ali gave some amount of our salary of poor peoples. Because they thought the poor people are needy peoples. Therefore we can help the needy peoples

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