History and presentation of cross training


History and presentation of cross training

To understand what we are talking about here, it may be worth deviating slightly from the topic to the history of cross training .
The cross training is confused at times with the term crossfit , which is a registered trademark of EE. UU brand., While the  cross training  is the name given to the kinds of sports that have not paid to use the mark.
Did you know that some of the cross training exercises are sequences that were part of the United States Army practices?
Be that as it may,  cross training is an intense physical training sports program that Laura Glassman and her husband Greg Glassman, a gymnast and home sports coach, invented in the 1970s to improve the fitness of their clients.
However, it should also be noted that the crossfit exercises were also inspired by the draconian methods of sports training deployed by the United States Army during WWII to rapidly train soldiers.
The goal of the discipline is to create a complete training program, combining bodybuilding exercises, gym exercises, athletics, weight lifting, combat sports, fitness , running, and even aerobics .
This discipline aims to be able to work all muscle groups, although each of the sports only applies to certain parts of the body. For example, the legs if you run, the pecs and abs during a bodybuilding session, etc.

In 1995, twenty years after this groundbreaking idea, the Santa Cruz police: History and presentation of cross training

incorporated crossfit into their training.
In 2013, CrossFit, inc. It registered a turnover of 100 billion dollars and that was when it began to export to other countries such as Spain. So this is the story of a young sport (barely 50 years old) that has had dazzling success.
The cross training combines exercises fitness , weight lifting and a circuit training, and encourages training with functional exercises with a fairly high intensity: as HIIT, interval training high intensity.
It involves toning through series of cardiovascular exercises, with a very short recovery time between series and series , in order to delay the passage from the aerobic to the anaerobic threshold, a transition that occurs just before maximum oxygen consumption (VO2 max).
Therefore, it is purely and simply about reaching the end of the physical effort, to be able to enhance your physical capacities to the maximum.
The cross training requires very little material: a rod, a jump rope a kettle ball, a sandbag, a punching bag, a chair, a step or a weight may be enough.
Most are inexpensive tools, so you can use them to tone up without leaving the house.
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