How much time to spend on homework?


How much time to spend on homework?

The time to be devoted to homework depends on the age of the child.
Doing homework is a habit that starts in elementary school. During the first year, students learn to read, write, and count. Therefore, homework is usually limited to reading at home, memorizing math addition tables, and possibly writing.
Over the years, they have more and more and you have to dedicate more time to homework . Here are our recommendations based on your child’s age  and  educational level:
1st grade:  10 to 20 minutes maximum. It can be only 5 minutes if it is simply to reread a text seen in class.
Primary 2:  15 to 25 minutes maximum. Again, there is no requirement that it be 15 minutes each afternoon if it is possible to do it in less time.

Primary 3:  20 to 30 minutes maximum.: How much time to spend on homework?

4th grade:  25 to 35 minutes maximum.
5th grade:  30 to 45 minutes (and not every afternoon).
6th grade:  35 to 45 minutes maximum.
1st of ESO:  40 to 50 minutes maximum.
2nd of ESO:  45 to 60 minutes maximum.
3rd of ESO:  50 to 60 minutes, with the possibility of working more on weekends and during school holidays.
4th of ESO:  about an hour a day. This year is very important because the student can obtain the school degree and must begin to choose subjects.
1st of Baccalaureate:  between 1h and 1h30 a day, plus on weekends and during school holidays.
2nd of Baccalaureate:  between 1h30 and 2h a day, or more to prepare for the final exams and selectivity.

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