How to organize a school monitoring by webcam


How to organize a school monitoring by webcam

stay in contact: How to organize a school monitoring by webcam

To teach private lessons from a distance , it is essential to be well organized.
Giving the class and that’s it is not enough; it is necessary to make sure that, once the class has finished, the student has assimilated the concepts learned in class.
For this, it is essential to be in contact with the student . With emails or an instant messaging program, you should be available to answer any questions your student has.
In fact, being in contact with him will help you save time in class: instead of spending 20 minutes solving the questions you have, you can go straight to the point and the student will also learn to work independently with your answers between class and class. So, feel free to send him some exercises online to do between class and class.
Being available is also useful in case something comes up for you or your student at the last minute, since you can be notified in time that you will not finally be able to take the class.
Finally, speaking electronically will allow you to more easily organize your class calendar and give more hours if you have a gap that you did not have.

Review homework: How to organize a school monitoring by webcam

Homework help is also part of the online classes . Through the webcam or by scanning the homework, the student can teach the exercises to the teacher and your role will be to tell him what he has done well and what he has done wrong.
If you have a poor mark in the exercises, play down the situation: you will do better next time!
Or something easier: do exercises online ! Send him links to exercises online or upload them to homework planning sites. You will be able to correct them more easily and help your students to progress in the subjects in which they have difficulties.

Online classes can be taught in all major subjects :

Math classes,
Spanish Language and Literature Classes,
English classes,
French classes,
History and Geography classes,
Philosophy classes,
Physics and Chemistry Classes
Biology classes, etc.
Do not be in a hurry to explain the different topics of the subject: it is better to waste a little time at the beginning of the classes and ensure the academic success of the student at the end.
With an intensive pace and good methodology, the student can avoid failing exams and improve in a short time !

Listen to students

One of the golden rules of teaching is listening. It’s fundamental! In fact, for many parents it is the most important quality a teacher should have .
However, it is a quality that is not present in educational centers, since as there are more and more students in classes, it is more difficult to teach individually. Therefore, parents hope that you know how to listen, even if you are on the other side of Spain.
The aim is to provide effective distance learning support to avoid poor grades. And by getting to know your student, you can become an educational advisor and guide them in their future studies.
If you listen carefully to your students, you can avoid a total rejection of the educational system.
Students appreciate this type of thing, so if you want to get positive comments on your Superprof profile, you better take into account the expectations of your students to also avoid possible school failure.

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