How to send videos by removing the sound in WhatsApp


How to send videos by removing the sound in WhatsApp

We are going to explain how to send videos by removing the sound in WhatsApp , a new function that has begun to reach the application. For now, you will need to download the Beta version of WhatsApp to be able to use this function, but over the weeks it will also reach other users.

With this function, before sharing a video on WhatsApp you can remove the sound , so that only a video with the image is sent. This way, if there is some background noise or something you don’t want is heard, you can always resort to this. It is something very easy to do, we will explain it to you quickly.

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Send videos without sound


The first thing you should do is enter the WhatsApp app with the account activated , and access the conversation where you are going to send the video, which can be a group or an individual chat. Once inside, click on the share button that appears with a clip icon.

A menu will open with the sharing options. Here, you have to choose the Gallery option to find one of the videos that you have in your photo gallery. Once you enter the gallery, click on the video you want to proceed to send it.


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When you click on the video in the gallery, it will open in the editor that WhatsApp shows you before sharing the video. In this editor, click on the mute button , which appears with a speaker icon. It’s at the top left, just below the video progress bar. When the speaker is crossed out, the video will have no sound. When you have it without sound, click on the send button.


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