How to start selling online: 6 tips


How to start selling online: 6 tips

With this guide, you become the strategist of your business so that you attract customers

Implement as many strategies as you need, the essential thing is that you build the base of your business and that you begin to generate sales online with experience and perseverance. Here are 6 fabulous #tips to achieve it:

Create your identity: How to start selling online: 6 tips

In marketing we call it branding and it is your appearance and what you transmit, the image sells and sells a lot.

If you sell sweets then use colors and a cheerful and attentive communication, create a logo according to the name of your business and a slogan, even if you copy them from the internet, it does not matter, what matters is that people feel you are serious, well outlined to what that you sell and that you convey that feeling of having been successful for a long time.

Branding. How to start selling online

Make a presence on social networks: How to start selling online: 6 tips

Open and personify your social networks with the image you made in the previous step, put your logo everywhere, use What’sApp to sell and put the name of your “brand” with your logo, fill in all the data of your social networks , do something simple to start and do not forget to always convey what your customers like.

Beware: You don’t have to open accounts on all social networks. Dedicate yourself exclusively to 3 social networks, don’t worry, no one will steal your business name on Snapchat if you are not there , I promise you.

Make content: How to start selling online: 6 tips

You have to work hard to keep people interested, offer entertaining and informative content. For example, if you sell honey, prepare something like “3 delicious recipes with honey” or “5 benefits of honey in your diet” things like that attract people and keep them interested in you.

But always be very organized, have a content plan defined, for example if this week will be the day of love, prepare something in advance in addition to the daily content, try to Interact, respond and comment on everything they send you or put, also comment and share your product with people in groups and pages similar to your business.

Check out this other article where I show you how to do this more thoroughly.


Your client at this moment needs your product and is viewing their Facebook but does not know you. You must be there and the best way to do it is with Facebook Ads whose function in simple terms is to ask Facebook to appear to people who have an affinity or are looking for what you sell or do. The trick is to define your product well as people would look for it and to know exactly the type of people who need what you sell.

If you don’t know what Facebook Ads is, I’ll explain it to you here.

You must have a website

It is the equivalent of having a formally registered business, it is important because

  • You establish yourself as a formal and successful business, people give them confidence to see that they have where to reach you
  • So people can find your official contact details and additional information
  • To appear in search engines, every time someone searches for what you do or sell on Google, you will be there

You may think that it is expensive, but it is not at all, it is a small investment and there are hundreds of people looking for web pages about what you do or sell every day, IT IS WORTH IT.

Here I explain that more thoroughly

You must have a website


When you have many messages you will depend on your skills as a salesperson since marketing has served its purpose: to attract people. The main thing is to respond as soon as possible, sound friendly and relaxed, have a well-prepared sales speech and capture the customer’s data, always ask for an email and if you can, a phone number.


Listen to people, capture and learn from your audience, never treat them or respond to them badly, even if their intention is to offend or “troll” always be the good guy in the story, every comment is nourishing. Generate a list with all the complaints, doubts and suggestions, improve with the most viable, recurring and easy-to-implement comments, value everything that helps to please your users as much as possible.


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