How to take boxing classes online?


How to take boxing classes online?

Learning to box from a distance requires rigor and organization.: How to take boxing classes online?

Before diving into the  practice of boxing online , be it English boxing, French boxing or Muay Thai, it is best to do some drastic physical preparation.
Boxing is an extremely demanding sport that works the whole body, all the muscles and all the joints. Practitioners must also have a lot of stamina  to be able to endure several rounds in the ring against an opponent.
Therefore, it is advisable to work your body and get in shape before taking boxing classes. You will save time and energy.
Feel free to use online platforms such as Domyos or Vitónica that offer cardio training classes based on the warm-up of boxers. You can benefit from a  complete cardio boxing workout with exercises such as jumping in place, skipping rope, punches, kicks … as well as abs, glutes and muscle strengthening.
Then, you must choose the type of boxing that you like the most: English boxing, kickboxing , Thai boxing, Burmese boxing, American boxing … On the Internet you will find many pages that offer a wide variety of recorded videos to be able to practice boxing at any time of the day. day, depending on your availability. One of them is Ictiva. Check it out!
Are you worried about not being able to follow your training alone? Feel free to search for a boxing instructor by webcam through platforms such as Superprof, where you can filter the teachers who teach distance classes to avoid wasting time consulting each ad. The first test session is usually free so that the student can evaluate the coach’s pedagogy.
To start boxing, videos have their limits. It is better to have direct contact with a distance teacher to acquire the basics of boxing before training yourself with different videos.
Differences between an online and face-to-face boxing class
In individual classes, the teacher can correct you directly and you can do exercises with bear paws or sparring.
If you choose to take  remote boxing classes via webcam with a teacher, you may wonder what the boxing session will be like. The answer is simple: just like any other boxing class in a gym, club or at home! With a few exceptions.
The first difference is that you must check the Internet connection , which is essential for the class to run smoothly. You just have to turn on your computer in advance, check the operation of your microphone and webcam , as well as the sound and image quality and the quality of your Internet connection.
It is not necessary to have fiber, since a Skype call requires 1.2 Mbits / second of bandwidth. To check your internet speed, simply Google ” speed test ” and verify that your connection is good.
The second thing that is different is that you are not in the presence of your teacher . He will not be able to correct you as well as if he were by your side guiding your arm or your hand, for example. You will have to opt for an excellent quality camera and place yourself in a well-lit room to facilitate their work. Therefore, you will be alone. You won’t be able to work on combinations and hit sequences with him sparring .
The third element to take into account is the  lack of equipment . In a boxing hall, you can make use of all the equipment, from the boxing ring to the punching bags and pears. Similarly, when it comes to an in-home teacher, they can provide you with boxing gloves, boxing helmet, and protections. Therefore, as this is not the case, you will have to invest in the material or, if not, work with your teacher.
If you still prefer distance sessions, you should know that otherwise it is the same as a face-to-face class:
Warm-up  based on cardiovascular training, muscle strengthening exercises and flexibility.
Technical work  based on punches, kicks, combinations, sequences, shadow boxing , dodges …
Stretching  of all parts of the body to improve recovery and avoid stiffness.

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