Know everything about sports centers to train


Know everything about sports centers to train

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The services offered in the gyms
What is the price of a subscription in a gym?
Should we be wary of cheap gyms?
Gyms for women
When we do sports, alone or with a personal trainer in a gym, the most difficult thing is not physical effort, but being motivated.
It may happen that in the face of difficulties, we are tempted to leave it, in addition, gyms already know this: people commit to a 12-month stay to have a cheaper monthly subscription, and after four or five months they disappear.
Another dilemma: you have to know how to choose a good gym . With or without permanence, low cost or not, with cardio training, Pilates, body pump, step or body sculpt, individual or group classes, etc.
In full swing since 2010, gyms in Spain – and low cost franchises – have not been affected by the crisis, with an estimated turnover of 2.5 billion euros.
Superprof offers you a report of its research on the gym market in Spain . Know everything about sports centers to train

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