Learn Arabic by playing

If you are of what you think that there are better methods to learn a language other than the traditional classes and the typical grammar books with exercises, you are not entirely wrong. If you want to make learning Arabic enjoyable, there are educational games and Apps that allow you to learn and review while having fun.

What are the best educational games to learn the Arabic language ?: Learn Arabic by playing

Jawab Speed
It is a game in French that is based on the speed of reaction when answering different questionnaires of the game. Ideal for family play. In addition to the above, it proposes questionnaires on the Koran and Muslim culture.
Al-Huda 2
Perfect for learning the Qur’anic verses and working on pronunciation.
Ideal for memorizing the Arabic alphabet. From 5 years old, and between 2 and 10 players.

What Apps or portals exist to learn Arabic?: Learn Arabic by playing

Babbel, Memrise, Speak, Busuu.com, LingQ, Wolty, Al-Kunuz. .. all of them are applications or web pages offer an online learning to speak and write in Arabic through interactive and dynamic lessons.
Keep in mind that not all of them offer resources for free. To access certain content of any of them you have to pay, in the case of Busuu.com, only part of the course is free. And others, such as Al-Kunuz, focus on the cultured Arab. Take a look and choose the one you like the most.
If what you are interested in is that your children learn Arabic in a playful way, then Learning Arabic for children is the solution. It is a free application aimed especially at the smallest of the house. Vocabulary, colors, alphabet or numbers is the type of material that you can find.
Another point in its favor, it does not need an Internet connection.
In addition to learning the names of cities in Arabic, you can place them on the map.
As you can see, the options to train in Arabic are diverse, just as different are the objectives and needs of each person.

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