Places to teach the art of boxing


Places to teach the art of boxing

The boxing club is usually the place where the competitors fighting in the ring meet!
Being a boxing coach is great, but you have to know where and with what means you can teach it. There are several solutions in Spain to train young boxers to start in the world of boxing. Find out  where to teach boxing as an instructor !

Teach in boxing clubs: Places to teach the art of boxing

The most logical and easy way to teach boxing in Spain is to do it in a boxing club. There are more than 500 boxing halls across the country. In this place, you can train boxers from the most amateur to the most experienced and long-time licensed.
You can also provide boxing classes at a gym, fitness club, classic sporting club, or anywhere, as long as you have boxing equipment available. However, boxing clubs are the prime location to teach classic boxing or muay thai.

Become a boxing coach online

Today, we have the possibility of using new means to carry out our activities. Therefore, it is possible to use  online platforms  to teach boxing classes. Through private lessons , the boxing instructor can give sessions anywhere and at any time: he is his own boss!
This solution is ideal if you can’t find a job in a boxing club or if you prefer to have a personalized relationship with your students . There are many websites where you can post your boxing class announcements, such as Superprof!

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