SARFRAZ AHMED complete information


SARFRAZ AHMED complete information

SARFRAZ AHMED complete information
SARFRAZ AHMED complete information

Full name: Sarfraz Ahmed

Nick name: Safi

Date of birth: 22 may 1987

Current age: 31 years

Birth place: Karachi, Sindhi, Pakistan

Body weight in kg: 71 kg.

Body weight in pounds: 157 lbs.

Height in cm: 170 cm.

Height in m: 1.70 m.

Height in ft. and inches: 5 ft. and 7 inches.

Role: all rounds.

Professional: cricket (batsman, wicket keeper).

Major teams:

Religion: Islam

Nationality: Pakistan.

Batting style: Right hand.

Bowling style: right arm off break.

Eye color: brown.

Hairs color: black.

Favorite place: London, Europe and some others.

Favorite color: black.

Favorite food: Chinese foods, fast foods and others.

Hobbies: listening music.

His Father name: Shakil Ahmed.

Brother name: Shafiq Ahmed.

Home town: Sindh, Karachi, Pakistan.

College and university: Dawood University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi.

Education: B.E in electronics.

Jersey number: 54 Pakistan.

SARFRAZ AHMED complete information Nature on field maintains calm disposition:

Marital status: Married.

Wife: sedan khushbakht shah in 2005.

His son name: Abdullah.

Date of birth of Abdullah: February 2017.

SARFRAZ AHMED complete information INTRODUCTION:

The Sarfraz Ahmed is a best player of Pakistan team. The Sarfraz Ahmed is a Pakistani and religion is Islam. The Sarfraz is a Muslim. He was born in 22 may at 1987.the birth place is Karachi Sindh of Pakistan. The full name is Sarfraz Ahmed and his nick name is safe. His nick name is only call his family and his friends with love. The age of sarfraz is 31 years old. The profession of Sarfraz Ahmed is Pakistani cricketer and he plays a role of batting. The mother name is akela Banu and his father name is shakily Ahmed saddiqui.his father is an owner is a most popular companies of publishers in Pakistan. And the mother is a house wife. The brother name is Shafiq hammed. The sarfraz Ahmed has married with our girlfriend. The girlfriend now his life partner. The wife name of sarfraz Ahmed is sedan khushbakht shah.  The sarfraz is a captain of Pakistan team. The god is blessed of sarfraz Ahmed with son in February 2017. The son name is Abdullah Ahmed. The zodiac sign of sarfraz Ahmed is Gemini. Now the sarfraz Ahmed is a captain of Pakistan team. The sarfraz Ahmed is like playing a match against India.


Sarfraz Ahmed is an international batsman in the Pakistani team. He is playing with many other teams such as Karachi dolphin, Karachi harbor, Sindh, Pakistan international airlines, Quetta gladiators, Yorkshire, Khulna titans. His domestic career is so amazing than the other team members. He was first playing with the team of Karachi dolphins during 2005 to 2006 and him also playing again with this team in 2015 to 2016. He also playing with Karachi harbor in 2005 to 2006 and then again contract with this team in 2006 to 2007. He also contract with Sindh in 2006 to 2007 and then again playing in 2008 to 2009, in this year his performance is so good. His batting style is so amazing the other team members. He contract with Pakistan international airline in 2006 to 2007 and then again playing in 2019. He contract with Quetta gladiators in 2016 to present. He also contract with Yorkshire in 2017 his performance is so amazing because he take a wickets and on last ball he caught the ball. Finally he wins the match, on this match his family come and watches your performance and appreciate you to win the match. After finish the match he was very happy on his success. His coach is also happy on his good performance. His national side is Pakistani. On 14 January in 2010 he contract with Australia in test debut and he last test match series contract with South Africa on 11 January 2019. On 18 November 2007 he contract with India as a test ODI debut and he play last ODI on 25 January in 2019 with south Africa. His ODI shirt numbers is 54, this number is lucky in this match because he show best performance in this match. In any match he tries to play well and show good result in any match.

SARFRAZ AHMED complete information Awards and achievements:

  • He wins PCB spirit of cricket award in 2018.
  • He also wins the PCB awards to the outstanding player of the years in 2017.
  • He also gains the Pakistan third highest civilian awards (Sitara-e-Imtiaz) in 2018.


The sarfraz Ahmed memorized the holy Quran at the age of 10 years. He got Islamic education from mosquie.The sarfraz Ahmed is get early education from Karachi. And then after matric he was entered in university life.  The qualification of sarfraz Ahmed is B.E in electronics. The university name is Dawood University of Engineering and technology. The university is established in Karachi. This university is a most popular university of Karachi.

SARFRAZ AHMED complete information STYLE:

The batting style is right handed and bowling style is right handed. The running speed is very fast during match. The jersey number is 54. The sarfraz Ahmed is wear some material for our safety during match. Because due to hard ball the players is some injured. Therefore the sarfraz Ahmed is wear some protective material for our body safety.

SARFRAZ AHMED complete information BODY SIZE:

The size of sarfraz Ahmed is following as

The height of sarfraz Ahmed is 5 feet and 7 inches. In the form of meter his height is 1.70 meter. And in centimeters his height is 170 centimeter. The biceps size of sarfraz Ahmed is 12 inches. And the size of chest is 40 inches. The waist size of sarfraz Ahmed is 33 inches. The foot size is 8 inches.


The body weight is 71 kilogram of sarfraz Ahmed and in the form of pound is 157ibs. The weight is not maintained every day. The weight is change during life time. The weight may be gain and loss that is not a big issue for cricketers. The sarfraz Ahmed joined gym for body fitness. The sarfraz Ahmed is take daily exercise. The exercise is most important for body health. The morning exercise give freshness of our mind. The weight is increase during free time and may be loss when body is does hard work. Therefore the body weight maintained with healthy and dieting foods.


The face color of sarfraz Ahmed is fair. The eye color is dark brown. And the hair color of sarfraz Ahmed is black. The sarfraz Ahmed is does not use any product and any things like lens for eyes beauty. His eyes are already more attractive. The hair color is naturally of sarfraz Ahmed. On hairs the sarfraz Ahmed use any products for hairs beauty like shampoo and conditioner. The lip color is pink. And the nick is not long but better.


The hobbies of sarfraz Ahmed is following as

The sarfraz Ahmed like listening music, playing cricket, watching movies and other TV shows. The sarfraz Ahmed like the music of Pakistani actor of Ali Zafar. The Ali Zafar is a most popular personality of Pakistan film industries.


The favorite food of sarfraz Ahmed is chicken, chicken biryani, mutton, beef, fry fish, and Chinese foods. The favorite’s vegetable of sarfraz Ahmed is lady finger and potatoes. The favorites dish in sweet is halwa and custard.


The favorites drink of sarfraz Ahmed is

  • Mango juice.
  • Orange juice.
  • Strawberry milkshake.
  • Apple milkshake.
  • Pineapple juice.
  • Coconut juice.


The favorite’s color of sarfraz Ahmed is black. The black is most common color of peoples. In black color the sarfraz Ahmed is looking most handsome. The mostly conference and interviews the sarfraz Ahmed is wear a black color dresses. The sarfraz Ahmed is mostly wear a paint shirt and some time he was wearing a shalwar kameez in traditional festivals.


The favorites place of sarfraz Ahmed is London, Europe, and beach side area. The sarfraz Ahmed is going to this places with our family. With family the sarfraz Ahmed is become more happy.


The sarfraz Ahmed is like all days but his favorite day is Sunday. Because in Sunday the all members of family is come together for enjoyment. Because the Sunday is holiday. The sarfraz Ahmed is become more happy with our family. Therefore the Sunday is most specially day for sarfraz Ahmed.


The sarfraz Ahmed is does not smoke. And does not drink alcohol. Because the alcohol is not allowed in our Islam and sarfraz Ahmed is a Muslim. Therefore the sarfraz Ahmed is not including in this type activities. The alcohol and smoking is most harmful for internal organs of body. Than internal organ is not properly work then the man body become weak and involve many diseases. The smoking causes a cancer. Therefore this type things is most harmful for body organs. The alcohol and drugs is not allowed for cricketers because the drugs make the players weak. Therefore due to weakness they cannot run properly during the match.


The social media profile of sarfraz Ahmed is

  • Wikipedia page.
  • Twitter handle.


The salary of sarfraz Ahmed is 10 laces per month. The salary is not waste in other cheap and illegal activities. The sarfraz Ahmed used our salary for legal activities.



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