The ESP E-II MI, a mirage in the night


The ESP E-II MI, a mirage in the night

I’ll be a musician too! Like dad!: The ESP E-II MI, a mirage in the night

This guitar was designed to bridge the gap between on-demand guitars and mass production.
This model continues to be in the same high-end range as ESP’s aforementioned guitars and costs more than € 2,000.
Opting for an ESP guitar from this range requires a certain budget, but we are dealing with musical instruments that border on magic.
ESP master craftsmen handle essences like true magicians!
This six-string guitar from the M (Mirage) series offers a minimalist design.
The very careful finishes give it a texture close to satin.
Its total black look oozes metal from all the pores and gives it elegant and provocative airs.
The body has the classic Superstrat (Fender) double cutaway shape, with a solid alder construction.
The slim U-profile shaped maple neck supports a 24-fret Extra Jumbo Ebony fingerboard for fast, edgy playability.
ESP only adds a single EMG 81 humbucker to its E-II MI on the Gotoh Tone-o-matic tail bridge, giving it incredible sustain.
If fast playing and note-for-note riffs appeal to you, this is the type of guitar you’re looking for!
Classic and acoustic guitar lovers, come and see!

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