VIRENDER SEHWAG complete information


VIRENDER SEHWAG complete information

VIRENDER SEHWAG complete information
VIRENDER SEHWAG complete information


Real name: Virender Sehwag

Nick name: Virus, Nawab of Najafgarh, Sultan of Multan

Date of birth: 20 October, 1978

Current age: 36 years

Birth place: Haryana but after few years he settled in New Delhi

Role: all rounds

Profession: international cricketer

Religion Hindu

Nationality: Indian

His batting style: left handed

His bowling style: right arm

His body weight in kg: 63 kg

His body weight in pounds: 138 lbs.

His height in m: 1.70 m

His height in cm: 170 cm

His height in ft. and inches: 5 ft. and 7 inches

His eyes colors: black

His hair color: black

Marital status: married

His wife name: Aarti Alawa

His children names: 2 sons Armavir and Vedanta

His father name: Krishan Sehwag

His mother name: Krishna Sehwag

His brother name: Vinod


The Virender Sehwag is a best player of Pakistan team. The religion of Virender is Hindu. The Virender Sehwag is Indian player. His nationality is Indian. His batting style is so amazing then the other team member of his team. On any ball he wishes to take a wicket.


Virender Sehwag is an international player of the Indian cricket team. He starts his early education in the school of his Arora Vidya School. Then he completes his secondary education in the school of Delhi. He always participate in the games whose build in the school level. He always won the games and winning the prize. His father always avoids him to focus on his study but you cannot interest in the study. After complete his education he joining the cricket academy where you gain the basic skill of cricket. After few months he joins the Indian cricket team. He is playing with many matches, in test is 104, and won 42 test matches. He lost 28 matches in test match series and he drawn 34 match in test. He is playing in ODI match in 251 and wins 133 matches in ODI match in series. He lost 103 ODI test matches and tied in 1 match. He playing 19 T20l match but he wins 11 match and lost 6 matches. He is playing with South Africa in Chennai in 2008. His performance in any test match series is so good. His fans were so excited on his good performance. On the last ball his fans was so excited but finally he inning a wicket and win the match. His family was so happy on his good performance.

VIRENDER SEHWAG complete information RECORDS

  • He wins the record of highest score by Indian player in the test match series, he was playing with South Africa in 2008 and inning scored is 319.
  • He also holds the records of hitting fastest triple century in test match series and inning 278 balls. In this test match series he was so happy on his progress.
  • He also becomes the first Indian player to hit triple century in test match series.


  • He win Arjuna first award in 2002
  • He also win the Wisden leading cricketer in the world of 2008, 2009
  • He also win the ICC test player of the year in 2010
  • He also win the Padma Shree in 2010


The Virender Sehwag has married with his girlfriend. The girlfriend name is Aarti Alawa. The Aarti Alawa now wife of Virender Sehwag. They have two sons. The sons name is Armavir and Vedanta.


The hair color black. The eye color is black. They have no tattoos on body.

VIRENDER SEHWAG complete information BODY SIZE:

The body size of Virender Sehwag height is 5 feet and 7 inches. The height in centimeters is 170 centimeter. And the height in meters is 1.70 meters. The biceps size of Virender is 13 inches. While the size of waist is 36 inches and the size of chest is 34 inches. The body size is maintaining with exercise and takes healthy diets foods.

VIRENDER SEHWAG complete information BODY WEIGHT:

The body weight is 63 kilograms. And in the form of pounds is 138 ibis. The body weight is increase and decrease. The body weight is easily gain and loss the weight is not a big issues for cricketers. The balance body weight is more important for cricketers. The weight is not present in constant form because in the free days or holidays the weight is increase; while the weight is may be decreases during hard working days. The increases body weight is not better for cricketer’s body health because during the match playing the breathing rate is increase and due to increases body weight the players cannot act well performance during the match. Therefore the weight is maintaining with healthy and diets foods and exercise. The exercise make the body healthy and make the bones strongest.

VIRENDER SEHWAG complete information HOBBIES:

The hobbies of Virender Sehwag is following as

  • Listening to old Hindi songs.
  • Songs of Kishor Kumar.
  • Songs of Mohammed Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar.
  • Watching Hollywood films.
  • Playing match.
  • Playing videos games.



The favorite player name of Virender Sehwag is Sachin Tendulkar. The Virender Sehwag is like the Sachin Tendulkar due to his behavior and style of match playing. The style of his match playing is amazing and interesting. The Sachin Tendulkar is most famous player of Indian teams. The behavior of Sachin Tendulkar well with team individuals.


The favorite actor’s names of Virender Sehwag are shah Rukh khan, Amitabh Bacchant, Salman Khan, and the Bardeen Khan. The actors act best role in different films in different roles. These actors are most famous actors of Indian film industries. These actors are most famous actors of India.


The favorite actress names of Virender Sehwag are Katrina Kaif, Karena Kapoor, Karishma Kapoor, and Madura dixid. Theses actresses are most famous actress of Indian film industries. They play best role in Hindi films.


The Virender Shewa like the movies of Hollywood and the Bollywood. The Hollywood and Bollywood movies are very interesting. The stories of Hollywood’s and Bollywood’s films are very interesting.


The favorite color of Virender Sehwag is blue. The blue is mostly favorite color of Indian players. The Virender Sehwag is like blue color because the blue color is occurs in the shirts of match playing uniform. The Virender Sehwag is wearing blue color dresses in different functions like family events and festivals.


The favorite foods of Virender Sehwag is following as

  • Alou karri.
  • Chinese foods.
  • Fresh salad.

In breakfast he takes egg and cup of tea. Because this he healthy breakfast and maintain your body weight. He also provides the basic nutrients to your body. In summer he daily drinks orange juice and mango juice. This is healthy for your body. Cricketer player always maintain your body weight and fit your body. In sometime he was disappointed and sad then he free from tension and sadness he drink alcohols. Alcohols are not best for your body and health. In this way your body is weak and cannot play well in the field of cricket. In sometime he was so tire ding after playing the cricket so he take the cup of coffee because he active the body and provide the basic vitamins to the body. So reduce the heart attack diseases and regulate the blood throughout the body. In winter season he takes fresh carrot juice because carrot keeps fresh your face and glowing your skin. In dinner he eats staple food with cereals.


The favorite coach of Virender Sehwag is AN Sharma (coach at Vikaspuri cricket coaching center). The Virender Sehwag is like due to his behavior and intelligence. The A Sharma is a most famous coach of Vikaspuri cricket coaching center. The A Sharma is well guiding the candidates with our tricks and teaches the role of match. The coach is a honest person of cricket during the match.


The favorite cars of Virender Sehwag is following as

  • Bentley continental flying spur
  • BMW 5 series.


These both cars are favorited cars of Virender.



The salary of Virender Sehwag is different in different match. The fee of different is following as

  • RS 25 lakh per annul.
  • RS 7 lakh per test match
  • RS4 lakh per one day match.
  • RS 2 lakh per t 20 match.


The Virender Sehwag is does not smoking and does not take alcohols. The Virender Sehwag is known that all things are not healthy for cricketer’s bodies and other peoples. The alcohols because many internal problems like as cancer, kidney problems, lungs damage, and excretory system will be destroyed and the stomach due to alcohols is not proper works. Similar the smoking is because major diseases like mouth cancer. The mouth cancer is most harmful diseases of a person whose was take smoking type drugs. While the alcohols and smoking is not allowed during the match. The man cannot proper act work during the match due to drinks.


The net worth amount of Virender Sehwag is $40 million and in the other form the net worth is 250 crores INR.


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