WAHAB RIAZ complete information


WAHAB RIAZ complete information

WAHAB RIAZ complete information
WAHAB RIAZ complete information


Real name: Wahab Riaz

Nick name: Vicky

Date of birth: 28 June, 1985

Current age: 32 years

Birth place: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Role: all rounds

Profession: cricketer fast bowler

Batting style: right handed

Bowling style: right arm

Major teams: Pakistan, Kent, Rehana Royals, Pakistan all-star XL, Chittagong kings, Lahore lions, surrey, Rangpur riders, Peshawar Zami

His father name: late Muhammad Iskandar Riaz Kasane

His mother name: unknown

Marital status: married

His wife name unknown

Religion: Islam

Nationality: Pakistani

His body weight in kg: 82 kg

His body weight in pounds: 181 lbs.

His height in m: 1.85 m

His height in cm: 185 cm

His height in ft. and inches: 6 ft. and 1 inch

Eye color: black

Hair color: black

Favorite food: mutton, beef and other fast food

Favorite place: London, Europe, swat

His coach name: Saqib Jived

WAHAB RIAZ complete information INTRODUCTION:

The Wahab Riaz is a best cricketer’s player of Pakistan team. The Wahab Riaz is born in 28 June 1985. The age is 32 years. The birth place is Lahore Punjab of Pakistan. He is a Muslim. The religion is Islam. The nationality is Pakistan. the full name is Wahab Riaz and his nick name is Vicky. The nick name is only called his friends and other family members. The father name of Wahab Riaz is Muhammad Iskandar Riaz Kasane. The father of Wahab Riaz is businessman. The mother of Wahab Riaz is house wife. The Wahab Riaz has a married. The god blessed of Wahab Riaz with one daughter. The daughter name is Shal. The Wahab Riaz live with family like a happy family. The zodiac sign is cancer. The jersey number is 47.


He is an international bowler of the Pakistani teams. He is playing with England as a test match series on 18 august 2010 in London. He contract with Zimbabwe as a ODI on 2 February 2008 in Sheikhupura. He also contract with India as a T20 on 20 April 2008 in Karachi. His performance in this test match series is so perfect than the other test match series. His jersey number is 47 in Pakistan, this number is so lucky in his career life. After comeback his balling performance in 2010 in England. One time he replaces to the other team member due to internal injury, he was admitting 1 week in the hospital. After recovery he comeback and playing the cricket. His performance in any test match series is so good. In PSL his shirt number is also 47. He is playing with other teams as a domestic or state team. His domestic career is so amazing. He is playing with Pakistani team then him playing as a Kent team. In this team he playing well and get a win. He takes a wicket and won the match. On this test match series his family come and appreciates him to playing well. His coach is also appreciating him to win the match. On the last ball his fans was so excited Wahab may be win or defeat the match. But on the last ball he takes wickets and won the match. On this test match series his family was so happy on his good performance.


  • He get ICC cricket world cup semifinal against India at Mohali awards
  • He also win the other awards


The Wahab Riaz gets early education from primary school of Lahore. The school name is Atchison school. Then for further education he was get admission in college Silvia College of the Punjab of Lahore. Then for higher education they get admission in university. The university name is university of the Punjab, Lahore. The educational qualification of Wahab Riaz is BSc and MSc in Bio Technology.

WAHAB RIAZ complete information STYLE DURING MATCH:

The batting style is right handed and the bowling style is right fast arm. The Wahab Riaz is a fast bowler of Pakistan team. The bowling style is much differs than other bowler of Pakistan team. The running speed of Wahab Riaz is very fast. Due to fast running speed he got the caught during the match.


The face of Wahab Riaz is related with father. The eyes color of Wahab Riaz is black. The black color of his eyes is naturally. The hair color is black. The black color is naturally color of his hairs like his eyes. The Wahab Riaz is not use any hair color for hairs beauty. The hairs of Wahab Riaz are already beautiful and shining. The lip is pink and he was only used lip gloss. The lip gloss gives protection from dryness.


The body height of Wahab Riaz is 6 feet and 1 inch. The body height in millimeters is 1.85 meters. The height in centimeters is 185 centimeters. The chest size is 42 inches. The waist of Wahab Riaz is 34 inches. The biceps size is 15 inches. The body size is maintained with daily exercise and eating dieting foods. The exercise is making our body fit and healthy.


The body weight of Wahab Riaz is 82 kilogram. The weight is not constant. The body weight is changed during the passage of time. The body weight is maintained due to exercise. The increases body weight is not better for body of cricketers. Because the body weight is increase he was not properly during the match. The breathing rate is increase when the body weight is increase. When he was not running properly during the match.


The profession of Wahab Riaz is Pakistani cricketer. The Wahab Riaz is a player of Pakistan team. The behavior of Wahab Riaz is good with other members of team. The behavior of Wahab Riaz is friendly.


The Wahab Riaz is play a role is bowler. The Wahab Riaz is fast bowler of Pakistan team. The Wahab Riaz gets wickets due to our bowling style.


The favorite coach name of Wahab Riaz is Saqib jived. The Saqib jived guide the Wahab Riaz related to match. They give every techniques of Wahab Riaz according to match.


The favorite players of Wahab Riaz is following as

  • Shahidi Afridi.
  • Sarfraz Ahmed.
  • Babar Azzam.
  • Shoaib Malik.
  • Kamran Akmal.


The favorite bowlers of Wahab Riaz is following as

  • Umar Akmal.
  • Usman Salahuddin.
  • Usman khan shinai.
  • Muhammad Irfan.
  • Muhammad Amir
  • Muhammad Abbas

The Wahab Riaz is like these bowlers due to his behavior and good performance during the match.


The favorite foods of Wahab Riaz is following as

  • Fried fish.


The favorite drinks are Wahab Riaz is following as

  • Mango juice.
  • Strawberry juice.
  • Pine apple juice.
  • Apple juice.

The Wahab Riaz is only take soft drinks. The soft drinks are not harmful for health. The Wahab Riaz is not take hard drinks. The hard drink is not better for health; the hard drink is most harmful for internal organs of body. The internal cause many major diseases like as stomach problems and kidney problems.


The hobbies of Wahab Riaz is following as

  • Reading newspaper.
  • Watching movies.
  • Watching football match.
  • Playing cricket.


The favorite color is black. The Wahab Riaz is looking so handsome in black color dresses. The black color dresses is wear in different parties and family events.


The favorite day of Wahab Riaz is Friday. The Friday is especially day for all Muslim peoples. The Friday in this day all Muslim peoples come together in Mosque for amaze Jumma.


The Wahab Riaz is like historical places. Because he thought the historical places give our information and increase our knowledge. The favorite places of Wahab Riaz are England, Canada, bangakladesh and united statue. The Wahab Riaz is goes to these places with family.


The social media profile of Wahab Riaz is following as

  • Wikipedia page.


The Wahab Riaz is not involved in any bad habits. The Wahab Riaz is does not smoking. And does take drugs and alcohols. The drugs are most harmful for body organs. The drugs are effect on internal body organs. Due to drugs the body become week and lazy. The work is not act properly. Similarly the alcohols is also damage the internal parts of body. The alcohols are effect on kidney, lungs, and stomach. The smoking is also cause cancer in our body. These all things is a most harmful for body health’s. According to this information these all things is not allowed for cricketers because the cricketers body is also maintain for each side. The cricketers is not take these things because due though these things the body is cannot act proper work during match. Therefore these cheap and unhealthy activities are not occurring in Wahab Riaz.


The salary of Wahab Riaz is 10 lac. The salary is not conforming because the salary is increase during the good performance in match. The Wahab Riaz is not waste our salary for useless works. The Wahab Riaz is used our salary on our family. He always helps the poor peoples and some amount give needy peoples.




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