What is a Social Media Manager? Marketing


What is a Social Media Manager? Marketing


There are differences between a Social Media, Project Manager and Community Manager, read to understand them

What is a Social Media Manager? – Speaking of digital marketing, social networks and advertising agencies, he is in charge of  preparing and planning the strategy of a brand or company in social media , which will later be executed by the Project Manager with the support of his team which includes, among other elements, the Community Manager.What is a Social Media Manager? Marketing

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Differences between a social media and a community manager What is a Social Media Manager? Marketing

Social media manager salary

In this article we can give an idea of ​​the average salary received by a social media manager compared to other professions.

In this case we see a tabulating income established without counting taxes or deductions or expenses, here they call it Digital Marketing, remember that it is an English-speaking market research firm, in that sense they cannot translate or tabulate a position that is a wildcard us, although in tasks it is equivalent, it is the same as the digital marketer.

Salaries page personnel

Social media manager vs Community Manager: 

The social media manager in our Hispanic environment has a very important job since it is completely managerial and corporate. They are the link between society and artists.

Seriously, they would be the public relations and resource agents for the brand, company or agency. They also play an important role in representing the agency or brand to clients, technology providers, trainers, and authorities.

Differences between a social media and a community manager

Social media Manager meaning

The word social media is an Anglicism which literally means social media. This operative position actually only exists in Spanish language since for someone who for Anglo-Saxons it would be extremely absurd to call a profession or operative position «social media.

It would be like saying, I am social media, bah, it has no meaning. But in our beloved third world we love to give fancy names to every task done in an office.

Social media manager career

Like most of the digital professions, EVERYTHING CONSISTS OF WHAT YOU WANT TO FOCUS AND SPECIALIZE WITH PRACTICE. By this I mean that you can study

  • Communication
  • Journalism
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Advertising

Or any related career or derived from these and dedicate yourself, specialize and practice in the digital environment since you start the career. The point is that you specialize and seek to execute the tasks of the area to which you want to dedicate the rest of your life.

Skills of a social media manager. Work

  • Personnel and resource management
  • Internal and external organizational communication
  • Digital marketing
  • Advertising and propaganda speech
  • Digital analytics
  • General knowledge of social networks and digital language
  • Public relations

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