What is the Facebook Timeline?


What is the Facebook Timeline?

What is the Facebook Timeline
What is the Facebook Timeline

Your Facebook Timeline is what your friends verify to induce a way of your life, and it’s additionally wherever they leave public messages for you. During this method, your friends’ posts become a part of your history (just like in real life).

Think about all the items you find out about an acquaintance the primary time you meet his oldsters, or all the funny stories you hear once your friend’s companion recounts the story of however they met.

When friends visit your Timeline, they’ll additionally see a version of the Share box that you simply see. They can’t add life events; however they will post text and photos to your Timeline. Cross-check the posts on your friends’ Timelines. Likelihood is that that you’ll see a number of “Hey, however are you, let’s catch up” messages and perhaps a number of “That was associate awful trip/dinner/drink” messages.

If you’re on a friend’s Timeline around his birthday, you’re certain to see several “Happy Birthday” posts. There aren’t several rules for victimization Facebook, however one tradition that has arisen over time is that the “Happy Birthday” post. As a result of the general public see notifications of their friends’ birthdays on their Home pages, the fastest thanks to say “I’m thinking of you” on their big day is to write down on their Timeline.

What is the Facebook Timeline? How to use Facebook Timeline

Whether you are prepared or not, Facebook has begun the Timeline rollout, and you’re lowly, straightforward profile page can before long be remodeled into a wonderful two-column album documenting each side of your digital life. it is the most radical modification within the history of the location, therefore unless you choose to pack up your account, we tend to suggest going into this with the information of what to expect and the way to take care of it, whether or not or not you trust Zuckerberg that a life-spanning album best represents humans within the digital age.

Wired reports that the project an initio grew out of the “Memories” hack, a thought developed at one in every of Facebook’s spring 2011 hackathons. Timeline represents a need to present you a “rapid-fire outline of all the simplest things that happened to” you within the course of a year. Designer St. Nicholas Felton, celebrated for his own delightfully thorough infographics and private reports pursuit everything from friends and relationships to workouts and low consumption, joined Facebook and helped to spearhead this new style that brings a small amount of that spotlight to detail to your lifestyle. keep in mind the uproar that happened once Facebook flipped on News insert 2006 for the primary time, revealing all of your friends’ updates in one, easily-consumable feed? This can be even larger.

You’re going to possess to take care of it therefore sooner or later — Timeline are a compulsory modification within the coming back months — so get a jump begin on the inevitable by heading to facebook.com/timeline. The purpose here is to assist you manage the shock of a brand new style that creates your history a lot of visible and simply accessible than ever before. Once you start the method, you’ve got solely got seven days before your fresh redesigned identity is revealed live, therefore alter once you have some free time to tinker along with your profile. It will not be visible by others till you hit publish or hit your seven day limit, and once it’s revealed, there is not any thanks to revert to the recent profile. If you are like most folks, you — and your friends — have logged lots of or thousands of standing updates, photos, videos, events, and check-ins over the years and Timeline throws it all onto one page.

It’s each exciting and terrific. Facebook’s engineered a brow sable, visual history of your life while not abundant effort on your half — other than providing the content — and it’s got rather more of an instantaneous impact than any previous version of Facebook. Our friends, jobs, break-ups, late nights, hard times, nice meals, and everything else we’ve documented can before long be ordered get into reverse written account order on what’s going to be the world’s biggest digital album — 800 million users robust — that we’ve been posting to and tweaking right along. it would feed late-night egotistical binges wherever you pay hours highlight your favorite photos and activity questionable standing updates from 2006 so as to gift the simplest “you,” or, as Zuckerberg same at f8, “It’s a brand new thanks to categorical United Nations agency you’re.” Regardless, you’ll likely get to contemplate however you wish the new digital you displayed. Wherever within the past photos buried in galleries could are shared along with your friends, your information has ne’er been this accessible. Let’s dive in.

Using Timeline

After clicking ‘Get it currently,’ you will be asked to feature a brand new cowl image. We’ve found tidy, full-screen shots work best, and you’ll be able to make a choice from your footage on the location or transfer a photograph from your disk drive. The Timeline design shuffles around your friends, photos, and different activity, inserting it all directly below your cowl ikon. Clicking through every section reveals your photos, friends, likes, and different activity chronologically.

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