Why learn to write a dissertation in English?


Why learn to write a dissertation in English?

The tests and essays are very common in college exercises that are usually sent to foster the development of argumentation of students @ s, therefore, to help them express themselves better. It is usually used in different subjects such as history, geography or Hispanic philology, since it is an ideal tool for learning foreign languages .
Although this exercise may seem tedious, here are some benefits that you can obtain from learning to write your own essay in English.

Are you ready to pass the English Selectivity exam?: Why learn to write a dissertation in English?

Get a good grade in Baccalaureate
Without a doubt, this is the first of the reasons why students want to learn to write essays in English. Because unless you are already bilingual, writing in English is usually quite a difficult exercise. We cannot translate word for word. Also, as you know, we do not speak in the same way or follow the same order in sentences in Spanish and in English. Therefore, from the first hour, it is very necessary to express yourself in the language of Shakespeare.
This exercise is usually practiced especially in high school. During this stage, it is essential to express your opinion on a topic in a few paragraphs. It is not like the texts you write in Spanish, but it is still one of the main exercises requested in high school.

Learn to develop ideas: Why learn to write a dissertation in English?

Learning to write essays in English is not only good for getting a good grade in high school. Writing is an excellent way to learn to develop your thoughts and express yourself on all kinds of topics and more when you travel to other parts of the world.
Canada, Australia or New Zealand, among the different  English-speaking countries where you can converse with other foreign cultures, it is interesting when one can go beyond simply asking “what is the culinary specialty of the area?”
An essay also encourages the development of ideas into arguments, which can be useful in any situation.

Expand your vocabulary

Writing lines and lines of text in English is a great help in learning new vocabulary . In fact, repeating the three words you know won’t help you write a full essay.
Therefore, you will have no choice but to look up new words in the dictionary to enrich your writing. You will be able to write down all the vocabulary words learned on a form and use them in the reviews.

Mastering the sentence structure

Grammatical constructions, the agreement of verb tenses, etc., writing a long text will allow you to work on various aspects of the English language. You must learn to build coherent and more complex sentences than simply putting a subject, verb and complement.
On the other hand, learning to do an essay is an opportunity to make rapid progress when dealing with topics that are of interest to you.

The structure of an oral presentation in English

To get a good grade in an essay in English, it is essential to have a perfect understanding of the structure of this exercise. When they give you a specific topic, you have to think about the problems that it can lead to. Let’s look at the structure of an essay or writing .
An essay, whether in Spanish or English, always begins with an introductory paragraph . To present the topic correctly, it will be necessary to place it in a certain context and explain the issue. Sometimes, it is interesting to give a small definition of the subject in question.

Drafting to structure your ideas is the best way to pass.

To catch the readers’ attention, most English teachers recommend the use of hook expressions , sometimes it is an anecdote and other times it is a quote. It should be something unusual, fun, or informative, that grabs the reader’s attention from the beginning so that they want to read more.
After a few sentences, you have to raise the question itself, that is, the problem you want to address itself, as well as the different points of view , to answer this problem.
The different points of view (the parts of the essay) can be presented in the form of a question . Two or three questions can configure the structure of the writing. This technique is sometimes used in Spanish, although it is much more common in texts written in English, since the Spanish introductory formulas are not adapted to the language of Shakespeare.
Writing the parts and points of view of an essay is an ideal way to develop thinking about a given topic. The ideas can be presented in two or three parts (thesis, antithesis, synthesis), as well as the topic.
These same parts are divided into subparts so that the reader does not get lost in the reading and follows the thread of the development of each idea, which must be supported by an argument.
Once you have written all the parts, it is time to think about the conclusion , which is the most important part, since some proofreaders only read the introduction and the conclusion to see if what you have written is coherent.

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