Will you earn more working in an academy or on your own?


Will you earn more working in an academy or on your own?

Teachers often wonder whether more is earned by being a self-employed home school support teacher or by working in a private company .
In general, we can say that working in a private company can earn less than working on your own, and vice versa.

To give you an idea, these are the prices offered by average private teachers, according to tusclasesparticulares.com: Will you earn more working in an academy or on your own?

Prices of private language classes: 12-16 euros / hour
Prices for private science classes: 12-15 euros / hour
Prices tutoring school support ( tutoring in general for children): 11-14 euros / hour
Prices of private IT and technology classes: 14-18 euros / hour
Prices of private music classes: 16-20 euros / hour
A company can pay much less per hour, so you will earn less if you work the same hours as a freelancer. But if you don’t find many students on your own and you work fewer hours, you will earn less. Therefore, obviously, your salary will not only depend on the price at which you charge the class hours, but also on the number of hours you work .

What do you prefer, work on your own or in a company?

That said,  working in an academy you can enjoy the benefits of an employee (paid vacations, severance pay, etc.). And, above all, you will not have to look for clients, since companies take care of it.
In short, if you have the soul of an entrepreneur and you prefer to have more freedom in general, launch into your activity as a private tutor as a freelance and start looking for your first clients. If you do it right, you can earn much more than working in an academy.
However, if you prefer the working conditions of an employee with a fixed salary every month, holidays and benefits, choose to work in a school support academy.

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