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Skate follows in the footsteps of Dragon Age 4 and will not be in the EA Play, but be careful that they prepare news Almost a year ago the return of this beloved sports saga was confirmed. By Alberto Pastor /18 July 2021, 20:5618 comments Skateboard There are just a few days left so that we can enjoy the new EA Play from Electronic Arts with news related to the next releases of the company responsible for FIFA, Battlefield and other great success series, but if you were one of those who expected to know new details about Skate , the new sports title of the firm, bad news: it will not be present at this new event. Our main goal is not to disappoint you Skateboard It has been communicated by the team responsible for Skate. who claims to be “working hard” on this new video game- “We formed a studio last January, and we hired super talented people to join the family,” they comment in their writing, which serves to remind us that not so long ago that is working on this project. “We know that many of you expected to know more about us this week but right now we are not ready to be in the front line and we will not be part of EA Play Live,” they add. “It is still early days and we are committed to doing things well, which means that we are going to take our time,” continues this official message. “Our main objective is not to disappoint you. For you, for us … for Skate.” Despite this resounding message, the team claims to “have a little thing to share ” in a matter of hours, without giving more details about what it could be. EA Play takes place on July 22 and will focus on games coming out soon , prompting the announcement of several no-shows that have disappointed Electronic Arts fans. First it was BioWare, ruling out that Dragon Age 4 was in EA Play , and just a few days ago, it was Electronic Arts itself who assured that there would be no new Star Wars games at the event .

Skate follows in the footsteps of Dragon Age 4 and will not be in the EA Play, but be careful...