What will It Mean to poke somebody on Facebook?


What will It Mean to poke somebody on Facebook?

What will It Mean to poke somebody on Facebook?
What will It Mean to poke somebody on Facebook?

If you’ve got spent any length of your time on Facebook, you’ll are “poked” by somebody, otherwise you could have questioned what it suggests that to provide some other person a poke. A poke could be a tiny application on Facebook that’s enclosed with each account.

Does the Facebook Poke Feature Still Exist?

When Facebook initial became standard, it had been common to visualize pokes happening often. Over time, the feature has become used but newer options that square measure additional fun and fascinating, like causation animated gifs and stickers. Whereas the poke feature continues to be obtainable, it’s not as simple to seek out on your desktop associate degreed mobile account page that has caused several users to believe it’s not an choice.

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Reasons to Send a Poke on Facebook

There square measure variety of reasons somebody would possibly wish to send a poke:

  • Just to mention a fast “hello” to a disciple
  • To inform somebody that you are waiting on a reply or a message from him or her
  • To register and see if someone has visited Facebook recently
  • To let somebody recognize you are thinking of him or her
  • Just for fun along with your friends

How to Send Pokes

If you used the poke feature within the period of time of Facebook and haven’t abundant since, you will be stunned to understand the setup for this feature has modified quite bit. it isn’t quite as visible because it once was thus attending to the poke screen takes a small little bit of work.

How to poke somebody on Facebook

The process to poke somebody is that the same for each a laptop computer or desktop Facebook interface or if you are employing a mobile device or smartphone.

  1. Attend your poke page, which might be found at https://www.facebook.com/pokes after you square measure logged into your account.

The poke page in Facebook

  1. You may see a hunt box at the highest wherever you’ll seek for a disciple. Caution! If you are not able to poke somebody, do not enter their info within the search box yet!
  2. Typewriting and finding a friend’s name within the search box can mechanically send a poke to them.
  3. Note that you simply cannot poke constant person double unless the individual has come back or removed your initial poke.
  4. If you’ve got poked somebody and that they haven’t come back the poke, you’ll click on the “Show unfinished pokes” link at the highest of the page below “Pokes” to visualize that pokes square measure waiting. You’ll value more highly to “take back” and delete a unfinished poke by clicking the gray “x” to the proper of their name.
  5. Beneath the search box you may additionally see some prompt Pokes which is able to all be individuals on your current friend list. If you would like to get rid of those from the prompt Pokes space simply click on the gray “x” to the proper of the blue Poke button.

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How to Tell if you’ve got Been Poked

  1. If somebody pokes you, you may receive a notification below the bell icon for notifications on the blue menu bar on the proper.
  2. If you click on it notice, you will be taken to the Pokes page and you may see those that have poked you, or poked you back, toward the highest of the screen higher than “Suggested Pokes.”
  3. you may have the choice of clicking the blue Poke Back button to poke them reciprocally.


A notification you’ve got been poked on Facebook.

How to Stop somebody from thrusting You on a personal computer

  1. If you wish to prevent somebody from thrusting you, you’ll block them by going into your block settings that square measure found by clicking on the black down arrow at the higher right of your screen and click on Settings within the menu.
  2. On the left facet of the screen, opt for block that features a red circle icon with a white horizontal line within the middle.
  3. On the Manage block screen, enter the person’s name or email within the Block Users space and click on the blue Block button.
  4. Once someone is blocked, they’ll not be able to poke or tag you. They additionally won’t be notified that they need been blocked.

The Manage block page in Facebook

How to Stop somebody From thrusting You employing a Mobile Device

  1. If you’re employing a mobile device, click on the hamburger menu (three horizontal black lines) within the higher right of your screen.
  2. Then scroll right down to notice the gray wheel for Settings & Privacy and opt for Settings.
  3. Scroll down the screen to seek out the Privacy heading so opt for block.
  4. On the Blocked individuals page, click on the blue box to “Add to Blocked List” which is able to take you to a hunt box wherever you’ll enter their name or email. Once their account pops abreast of the list, click on the blue BLOCK link to the proper of their name.

Poking will be Fun

If you are still unsure concerning thrusting on Facebook, provides it a strive, or look below the Facebook facilitate section for additional info on pokes. It will be fun to register and see what number of your friends have poked you back however confine mind thus me users notice pokes intrusive so confirm your friends square measure hospitable you mistreatment the poke feature with them.

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