HARDIK PANDYA complete information


HARDIK PANDYA complete information

HARDIK PANDYA complete information
HARDIK PANDYA complete information

HARDIK PANDYA complete information HARDIK PANDYA

Real name: Hardik Himanshu Pandya

Nick name: hairy

Date of birth: 11 October, 1993

Birth place: Surat, Gujarat, India

Current age: 25 years

Role: all rounds

Nationality: Indian

Religion: Hinduism

His batting style: right handed

His bowling style: right arm fast medium

His body weight in kg unknown

His body weight in pounds unknown

His height in m: 1.83 m

His height in cm: 183 cm

His height in ft. and inches: 6 ft. and 0 inch

His eyes color: black

His hair color: black

HARDIK PANDYA complete information INTRODUCTION:

The Hardik Pandya is a best player of Indian team. His religion is Hinduism. The nationality is Indian. The caste of Hardik Pandya is Brahmin. The Hardik Pandya is born in 11 October, 1993. The birth place of Hardik Pandya is Choragi, Surat and Gujarat in India. Now his age is 25 years old. The Zodiac sign is Libra. The full name is Hardik Pandya and his nick name is hairy. His zodiac sign has according to the month of is birth. He starts his early education in the school of Gujarat then he completes his secondary education. He shows good performance in the study life. He always join the Indian cricket team. In his childhood he always participate the crickets and show good performance in the field of cricket. His father always guides him to focus on his study. After the complete of his study then he join the cricket academy in Gujarat and gain the basic skill of cricket. After that he joins the Indian cricket team and playing well. He always show good behavior with the other team member which are playing. He loved with family and spends more time with his family. The hometown is present in Vadodara; Gujarat in India. The Hardik Pandya is unmarried. His jersey number is 228 India.


Hardik Pandya is an international cricketer of the Indian cricket team. He is playing with many teams as a Baroda cricket team and Mumbai Indians. He was playing with Baroda in 2012 to 2013 then again playing in 2019. On 2015 to 2019 he was playing with Mumbai Indians team. His performance in this match series is so good. His international career is so amazing he contract with many teams as a Sri Lanka, England, New Zealand and Australia. He contract with Sri Lanka on 26 July, 2017 as a test debut. He contract with England on 30 august 2018 as a last test. His performance in this test match series is not well due to personal issues in his family. But you to try well and his fans was so excited in this test match series. He contract with New Zealand on 3 February, 2019 as a last ODI. He contract with Australia on 26 January, 2016 as a T20l debut. He was not playing with Australia due to food poisoning he was admitting 1 week in the hospital. He contract with again New Zealand on 6 February, 2019 as a last T20l. in test his inning as a top score 108, in ODI is 83 and 33 in T20l.


Hardik Pandya won 9 awards in his career life

  • On 30 September, 2014 he win the award of pool A with JP Astray memorial cricket tournament (2014 and 2015). His performance in this match is so amazing.
  • On 14 may, 2015 he win the Indian premier league. On these awards his family was so excited and happy. His couch was so proud on best performance of him.
  • On 8 October, 2015 he win the Rajni trophy as a group B.
  • On 16 October, 2016 he win the 1st ODI with New Zealand in India. His fans were so happy on these awards.
  • On 12 august, 2017 he win the 3rd test with playing India in Sri Lanka.

HARDIK PANDYA complete information FAMILY DETAILS:

The Hardik Pandya is great love with our parents. The father name of Hardik Pandya is Himanshu Pandya. His father is great love with cricket. His father is a businessman of India. The mother name is Nalini Pandya. His mother is a house wife. The brother name of Hardik Pandya is Kunal Pandya. The Kunal Pandya is an elder brother of Hardik Pandya and his brother is cricketer of India team. The sister names is not available in his profile.

HARDIK PANDYA complete information GIRLFRIENDS:

The Hardik Pandya is unmarried. Therefore the Hardik Pandya has some girlfriends; the name s of Hardik Pandya girlfriends is following as

  • Lisha Sharma.
  • Elli Avram.

The Lisha Sharma is most famous personality of India. The Lisha Sharma is a top model of India. The Elli Avram is an actress. The Elli Avram is a most famous Actress. Therefore these both are girlfriends of Hardik Pandya.


The Hardik Pandya gets our early education from MK high school from Baroda. The complete qualification of Hardik Pandya is 9th standard.


Right arm and right handed batsman.


The face color is brownish and his face is related with our parents. The eye color of Hardik Pandya is black and his hairs color is black. The eye color and black color of his hairs is naturally color. The Hardik Pandya is used different products on hairs for maintenance the beauty of hairs. The Hardik Pandya use on hairs as oils, shampoo, and conditioner. The oils give naturally nourishment of hairs. The shampoos and conditioners give naturally beauty and make the hairs strong and shining. The multiples tattoos are present on the body of Hardik Pandya.

HARDIK PANDYA complete information BODY SIZE:

The body height of Hardik Pandya is 6 feet and I inches. The chest size of Hardik Pandya is 34 inches. The size waist of Hardik Pandya is 36 inches. The biceps size of Hardik Pandya is 13 inches. The body size is maintained with balance diet. The balance body size is most important for cricketers because the figures size and styles is most necessary during the front of media and social public.


The body weight of Hardik Pandya is 76 kilogram. The body weight is not occurring in constant at all time because the weight is increase and decreases during the passage of time. The Hardik Pandya is maintaining our body weight with take diets and healthy foods and exercise. The exercise is making our body fit and active. Therefore the Hardik Pandya is take daily exercise. The exercise is necessary for cricketer’s body weight. The body weight due to exercise easily lose. The increase body weight is not better for cricketers body because the due to increase body weight they cannot run properly during the fielding of match. The breathing rate is increase. Therefore the increase body weight is not better for his career life.



The favorite foods of Hardik Pandya is following as

  • Alou karri.
  • Gobi KA Paratha.
  • Prawns masala.


The favorite crickets of Hardik Pandya are some are batsman and bowlers. The names of his favorite cricketers are following as


The Sachin Tendulkar and Yuvraj Singh are most famous players of Indian team. The Sachin Tendulkar and Yuvraj Singh has match playing style is differs than other India players.


The Hariharan Singh is a favorite bowler of Hardik Pandya. His bowling style is much differs than other bowlers.


The favorite cricket ground of Hardik Pandya is Wankhede stadium in Mumbai.


The favorite color of Hardik Pandya is White. In white color dresses he was looking so handsome. And in white color is suit on Hardik Pandya.


The favorite actor of Hardik Pandya is AK shay Kumar. The Akshaya Kumar is an Indian actor. They play the role in Indian film industries.


The favorite actresses names of Hardik Pandya is following as

  • Deepika Padukone.
  • Alia Bhatt.
  • Karena Kapoor.


The favorite super hero of Hardik Pandya is Superman.


The favorite cosines of Hardik Pandya are Gujarati.


The favorite place of Hardik Pandya is London and New Zealand. The Hardik Pandya is goes to these places with our family. With his family the Hardik Pandya is became happier.


The favorite football team of Hardik Pandya is Manchester united football club.


The favorite football app of Hardik Pandya is WhatsApp.


The favorite cars of Hardik Pandya is following as

  • Land rover range rover vogue.
  • Audi a6.


The hobbies of Hardik is following as

  • Listening to music.


The favorite coach is Ajay Pawer.


The Hardik Pandya is does not smoke and does not drink alcohols. These things are most harmful for cricketer’s body. These things make the body unhealthy and inactive. The body due to alcohols is not act properly work. The smoking cause mouth cancer and Alcohols cause other internal major diseases.


The address of Hardik Pandya home is following as

A 6,000- Square feet penthouse in an apartment, Diwali Pura area, Vadodara.


The salary of Hardik Pandya is different in different match. The fees for matches are following as

  • Retainer fee 50 lakh.
  • Test fee 15 lakh.
  • ODI fee 6 lakhs.
  • T20 fee 3 lakhs.




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