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How to download WhatsApp audios: on Android, iOS and PC


How to download WhatsApp audios: on Android, iOS and PC

We are going to explain how to download WhatsAppaudios , and we are going to explain the processes you must follow to do it both on Android and iOS or your computer, the latter with a WhatsApp Desktop method that also works on WhatsApp Web . In each of the three cases, we are going to explain the process step by step.

All of this can be useful when someone sends you relevant audio, and you don’t want to depend on WhatsApp to listen to it. With these steps that we will give you, you can download it to the internal memory of your mobile or PC, and then from there play it as many times as you want without depending on the connection or WhatsApp.

Download WhatsApp audios on Android

On Android, the procedure is simple. The first thing you have to do is select the audio you want to download (1) keeping your finger pressed on it until it is highlighted. Once you have done it, click on the share option (2), which will appear in the top bar that appears in WhatsApp when you select one or more messages.

You will see the native Android menu to share items in other applications. Here, what you have to do is select the file explorer of your mobile , to tell it that you want to save the audio in the memory of your device. If the browser that your mobile has pre-installed gives you problems, in Engadget Android they have a list of recommended browsers.


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Next, in the file explorer you have to choose in which folder to save the audio . The process for this, I am afraid is different for each application. However, the normal thing is that you go to the root folder of your mobile storage and you can move to the one you want to select it.

And that’s it. Once the audio file is saved, you can listen to it whenever you want using the same file browser application. In the event that yours does not reproduce it well, I have installed the Solid Explorer recommended by XatakaAndroid , and it works correctly.

Download WhatsApp audios on iOS

In the version of WhatsApp for the iPhone, what you have to do is select the audio you want to download by keeping your finger pressed on it. When you do, a menu will open in which you must choose the Forward option .

When you click on Forward as we told you in the previous step, the voice message will be selected and you will go to a screen where you have two icons below. You can select more audios, and when you have it, click on the Share button , which is the one you have at the bottom right.


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By pressing the share button instead of the forward button, which is the one on the bottom left, you can send the audio to another app. Doing so will open the native iOS option to share files, and in it, you must choose the Save to Files option to tell the mobile that you want to save the audio in the internal memory.

You will go to the iOS file explorer, where you have to select the folder where you want to save the audio and click on Save . You can also change its name by clicking on the one it has by default. Once you do, you just have to open the iPhone Files app , navigate to the folder where it is saved and click on the file.

Download audios from WhatsApp Desktop

On your computer, the method is the same in both WhatsApp Desktop and WhatsAppWeb , and it is much easier than on mobile. All you have to do is hover the mouse over the audio in WhatsApp, and when you do, click on the down arrow icon that will appear when you hover over it.

When you click on the down arrow icon, a menu will open with options related to that message. In this menu, click on the Download option to proceed to download the audio file.

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When you click Download , your PC’s native file explorer will open. In it, simply select the folder where you want to download it and click on Save . And that’s it, then whenever you want you can open the explorer again to open it or move it as if it were any other file.


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