IMAM-UL-HAQ complete information


 IMAM-UL-HAQ complete information

 IMAM-UL-HAQ complete information
IMAM-UL-HAQ complete information


Name: Imam.

Full name: Imam-Ul-Haq.

Nick name: imam.

Date of birth: 12 December, 1995.

Birth place: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.

Current age: 23 years, 1 month and 14 days.

Weight in kg: 78 kg.

Weight in pounds:

Height in cm: unknown.

Height in m: unknown.

Height in ft., inches: 5 ft., 7 inches.

Batting style: left handed.

Bowling style: right arm.

Role: Pakistani cricketer.

Major teams: Pakistani cricket.

Father name: unknown.

Mother name: unknown.

Marital status: unmarried.

Favorite food: fast food, biryani, French recipes.

Favorite place: beach.

Eye color: black.

Hair color: black.

Shirt number: 7.

Girlfriend name: unknown.

Favorite cars: Audi, Ferrari.

Favorite color: black, green and blue.

Favorite footballer: Messi, Maradona.

Friend’s name: Babar Azzam, Asif, and he have many friends.

Salary: RS 95500.

Religion: Islam.

Name of College: Punjab College.

Hobby: watch moving, matches, and reading books.

Music list:

Drink: coffee and green tea.

Favorite day: Friday.

Lucky no: 2.

Favorite flower: water Lilly.

 IMAM-UL-HAQ complete information Overview on his life:

Imam-ul-haq is best international player in the Pakistani team. He plays best in every field or any game in the world. He always success in every field of life. In his childhood he completes his primary education from primary school from then completes his matriculation. He left his o level in midway. Then complete his I.COM from Punjab college of Lahore. He progress in his study and always success in his study and always stands first in the class. During his playing he focused on his study. When in the age of 16 he participate in cricket activities but focused on his study. After complete his study he join the Pakistan cricket team. He joins the Pakistani cricket team on the force of his nephew Inzamam-ul-haq. Imam-ul-haq and Inzamam-ul-haq both has different personality. But both are closely friends and help in his in every condition. Both love to each other, he also participate in his school and college in any events and any game. He always play well and show good performance. He contract to many other countries such as South Africa, Sri Lanka and New Zealand. His domestic carrier is so amazing. He contract in 2012 to 2015 to the team of Lahore lions. He plays well and more struggled to gain his goal. In Ireland he plays in 11 may 2018, and contract to South Africa in 11 January 2019. His top bowling is 102 in FC. He also used to play under-16 cricket with Babar Azzam. His batting style is so amazing he always hit top but mostly due to time shortage he is self-controlled and tries to play the rolling and gap shots. He has strike to rotation ability and he has wish in every ball to gain the wicket or catch the ball and out the other teams.

 IMAM-UL-HAQ complete information  Introduction:

The imam-ul-haq is a player of Pakistan team. He is Muslim. And religion of imam-ul-haq is Islam. The full name is imam-ul-haq. But his nick name is not calling any one. The Imam-ul-haq born at 12 December 1995 in Lahore of Punjab. His age is 23 years old. The Lahore is birth place of imam-ul-haq. The lucky number is 2. He was unmarried. They have No girlfriends. He was a Player of Pakistan team. His shirt number is 7. His favorite flower is lily. The favorite place is beach side. The batting style is left handed and bowling style is right handed. He completes his study in his ancestor school where his grandfather and grandmother are live. He completes his primary study in the primary school in his village. Then he completes his matriculation he doesn’t want to get knowledge and don’t like to study. He complete his study on his father force to complete the study. His father says, without study I cannot work and progress in the world. Study is important in our life. But imam-ul-haq mostly time spend in extracurricular activities which organize in the school life when he was so young. He first time participate in running game but your father dislike him to participate the game. In this game he win 2nd prize and so happy but your father was so sad. Your father always advises him to focus on your study.

 IMAM-UL-HAQ complete information Body size:

The body size of imam-ul-haq is better than other cricketers. The height of imam-ul-haq is 5 foot 7 inches. The waist size is 36. And the size of biceps is 34 inches. The legs are not much longer but very strong. Due to our legs they fast running during the match. The arm size is moderate.

 IMAM-UL-HAQ complete information Body weight:

The body weight is 78 kilogram. The body weight of imam-ul-haq is not constant because the body weight is increase and decrease with passage of time. The imam-ul-haq maintains our body weight with different methods as they eat properly diet foods. And daily take exercise. They also join Gym for body fitness. The body fitness is most necessary for cricketers because if the body weight is increases they cannot run very fast during the match therefore they cannot act well performance during the match. The maintain body weight is most necessary for cricketers body fitness.

 IMAM-UL-HAQ complete information Physical appearance:

The physical appearance of imam-ul-haq is much different than other cricketers. The face color is brownish. The hair color is black and similarly the eye color is black. They cannot use any products for our physical beauty. The eye of Imam-ul-haq is very attractive. He was used shampoo for hairs beauty. The hairs are shine due to shampoo. The shining hair most necessary when the cricketer is run in play ground during the match. The lips is pink and they cannot use any products for lips beauty. Otherwise when the lips are dry he was used only lip gloss for lips protection.

Favorite foods:

  • The favorite food of imam-ul-haq is following as
  • Chicken
  • Meat
  • Biryani
  • Fry fish
  • Salad

And in fast foods he was mostly like to eat, in breakfast he eat apple and glass of milk and some time he take a glass of fresh juice of any fruits. In lunch time he eats a green salad because it is a natural source of fiber and build your strong bone. It also improves muscle performance and protects your peepers. In the hot summer season arriving quickly a cool salad can be basic for a light and refreshing meal. A salad a day keeps diseases and aging at bay. It makes a substantial contribution to prevention diseases, youthful energy and healthy weight. It is a natural good taste and great crunchy texture and wonderful colors. Therefore your skin also glowing in few days and you work properly in a full day.

And some others.

Favorite color:

The favorite color is black, blue and green. The green color is our national color. The Green color is present in our Pakistan flag. The imam-ul-haq wears in these three colors dressing in different functions. In this colors type dressed he was looking handsome.

Favorite day:

The favorite day of every person is Sunday because of Sunday is holiday. But imam-ul-haq like Friday because the Friday is most important day in weak. In this day the each Muslim offers a namaz-e-Jumma in masjid. The Friday is a great day for Muslims. Therefore the imam-ul-haq like Friday.

Favorite footballer:

The imam-ul-haq is a cricketer of Pakistan team but he like a footballer player as Messi and Maradona. These both are a most popular player of football team.

Favorite cars:

The favorite car of imam-ul-haq is

  • Ferrari
  • Audi

These both cars are favorite car of imam-ul-haq.


The hobbies of imam-ul-haq is following

  • Watching football match
  • Playing cricket
  • Playing videos games
  • Reading news paper
  • Some time he was watching kabaddi.

Favorite drinks:

The favorite drinks of imam-ul-haq is

  • Green tea
  • Juices of fresh fruits

He always takes coffee and green tea. These hot drinks keep your mind fresh and healthy when you are a tired. Green tea is an antioxidant and loss body weight. He also regulates your blood pressure in the blood vein. When he is tired he takes a coffee for maintain body weight and blood circulate throughout the body. In this way your heart beat is also maintain. Blood level is also maintain due to take black coffee.

Benefit of coffee:

  • Coffee drinker has less risk of heart diseases.
  • Increase your fiber intake.
  • Loss depression.
  • Loss suicide risk.
  • Protection against cirrhosis of the liver.
  • Loss the diabetes (2 diabetes decrease by 9 percent for each cup of black coffee are consumed and decaf coffee lower risk by 6 percent per cup).
  • It protect against Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Coffee drinkers have strong DNA (journal of nutrition published in the European that every person has strong DNA which take daily black coffee).


The salary of imam-ul haq is 95500RS. The salary is not use in other type’s illegal activities. Because he was intelligent and brilliant cricketer of Pakistan team. Therefore he was not waste our salary in illegal works. The illegal activities are not better for Muslim peoples.

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