MUHAMMAD ABBAS complete information


MUHAMMAD ABBAS complete information

MUHAMMAD ABBAS complete information
MUHAMMAD ABBAS complete information

General information

Name: Muhammad Abbas.

Full name: Muhammad Abbas.

Nick Name: Abbas.

Date of Birth: 10 march, 1990.

Birth place: Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan.

Father Name:

Mother Name:

Marital status:

Current age: 28 years.

Weight in kg:

Weight in pounds:

Height in cm:

Height in m:

Hair color: Black.

Eye color: Black.

Role: All around.

Major teams: Sialkot stallions, Multan sultans, Leicestershire.

Profession: Cricketer

Batting style: Right handed

Bowling style: Right arm fast medium

Favorite food:

Favorite drink:

Favorite places:

Favorite music:


MUHAMMAD ABBAS complete information Introduction:

The Muhammad Abbas is a best player of Pakistan Team. He was born in Sialkot of Punjab. The Sialkot is a birth place of Muhammad Abbas. The date of birth is 10 March in 1990. He was Muslim. His religion is Islam. His nationality is Pakistani. The full name of Muhammad Abbas and his nick name is Abbas. The nick name is only call his parents and other members of family with love. The age of Muhammad Abbas is 28 years old. He was first play in t20 match of Pakistan team with other team. The performance in match is very well.  He was right hand bat mans. He has no girlfriends. He was unmarried.

MUHAMMAD ABBAS complete information Overview on his career life:

Muhammad Abbas is a Pakistani international cricketer who first plays for in the KRL mean khan research laboratories. In January 2018 he was sign to play with LCCB (Leicestershire country cricket club). His international career is so interesting and plays to many other countries. He plays with West Indies, South Africa and other countries. In his childhood he was always playing and participates in cricket. He always wins and gets a prize. He was first time participate in primary level when he was in third stand. His parents always advise him to focus on study and during study he participates in many activities. He always shows good performance in study. He complete his study, his cousin convince him to join the Pakistan cricket team. Finally he joins the cricket team of Pakistan. He plays with West Indies on 21 April 2017 in test debut (cap 226).then he plays with South Africa on 11 January 2019 to last test. His international career is so amazing then the other team member of Pakistan team. He always show good performance in the cricket team. His domestic career is so amazing. His major team is Sialkot stallions, Multan sultans and Leicestershire. He wins the most wickets in the year 2015 to 2016 Quaid-e-Azzam trophy. He dismissals with the total of 61 for the tournament. In many tournaments he was also the leading wicket taker with 71 dismissals. He was first leading wicket taker for Sui northern gas pipelines limited in the year of 2017 to 2018 in the Quaid-e-Azzam trophy, with the 37 dismissals in seven matches. He also took ten wickets in the Pakistan two test match series play against with England in May and June at 2018; in august 2018 he was named the PCB test match series in the player of the year. In October 2018, he was playing in the test match series against Australia, he took his 50th wicket in the test match series he play with other countries team members during his life. Sometime he plays a particular shot and missed the ball. In the last moment of the match series is so interesting when left few balls and complete his goal. He is very honesty person in the Pakistan team. Always deal the other team member with soft and politely. A meeting was conduct with the former of New Zealand medium pacer Richard Petrie in England help lead Abbas to the karri club. In this meeting he meets with player coach and discuss to him on cricket. His coach was so happy when meet Abbas he was so surprise to see the Abbas. He full time spends with Abbas when come back to his home. This meeting was always keeping in your mind. For many families boarding is fine but don’t like these types’ families where artificial environment is held. I always live with families and spend more time with my parents. My mother loves me when I was going to the outer countries and pray for him to success in every field of life.

MUHAMMAD ABBAS complete information Styles during match:

The batting style is right hand and bowling style is right medium arm. The bowling speed is very fast and batting style is much differs than other cricketers. The running speed is very fast during the match. The best play role in match is bowling. The bowling style is all rounded side.

MUHAMMAD ABBAS complete information Body size:

The body size of Muhammad Abbas is much better than other cricketers. The height of Muhammad Abbas is 5 feet and 11 inches. In meters 1.80 meters. And in centimeter180 centimeters. The chest size is 4o inches. The waist size is 32 inches. And the biceps is 13 inches. The biceps size is may be changed when he was join gym.

MUHAMMAD ABBAS complete information Body weight:

The body weight is 72 kilogram and 152ibs in pounds. The body weight is not present in constant form. The body weight is changed during life time. The body weight in increase when the Muhammad Abbas is not work properly. And may be decrease due to working days. The balance body weight is most important for healthy body. The body weight is increase is not well for cricketers. The body weight is maintained with eat diets foods and drinks.

MUHAMMAD ABBAS complete information Physical appearance:

The shape of face is very beautiful. On face of Muhammad Abbas is naturally beauty occur. But some products is used for face protection. The eye color is black and the Muhammad Abbas is not used lens in eyes for eye beauty. Because the is already so attractive. The eye of Muhammad Abbas is no need of lens for incensement of eyes beauty. The eye is so attractive of Muhammad Abbas. The hair color is black and the black color is naturally color of his hairs. The Muhammad Abbas is only used shampoo for hair protection because the shampoo gives shining and strangeness of hairs the hairs is not fall due to shampoo. The lip of Muhammad Abbas is pink. And he used some products when his lips become in the form of dry otherwise he is not used any type products on lips. The legs are long and arm shape is moderate.

Favorite players:

The favorite player is Waseem Akram, Wahab, Raza, Shahidi Afridi, and some others. The behavior of Muhammad Abbas is well with other players. These all players is act very well performance in match.

Favorites actors:

The favorite actors of Muhammad Abbas are Pakistani film stars. His favorite actor is sultan Rahil, Shan, Norma, Saia, and he was like mostly as Noor Jahan. The voice of Noor Jahan is touching with the wall of hearts. The songs of Noor Jahan are most popular in Pakistan. He was most famous singer of Pakistan.

Favorites foods:

The favorites foods of Muhammad Abbas is following as

  • Chicken biryani.
  • Chinese foods.
  • Fresh green vegetables.
  • Chinese Palau.

And he was like some fast food dishes like as

  • Burger
  • Pizza
  • Sand witches
  • Chicken role

 Favorites drinks:  

The favorite a drink of Abbas is depends on season. Because in summer season he was like cool drink, sugar cane juice, mango juice, strawberry juice, and orange juice. But in winter he likes tea, green tea, and milk. The taste of drinks is depends on season and mood. When the Muhammad Abbas is become in happy mood he celebrates our happiness with cool drinks and other soft drinks.

Favorite place:

The favorite places in Pakistan are following as

  • Swat
  • Murree
  • Islamabad
  • Rawalpindi
  • Quetta

In out of Pakistan his favorite place is

  • Japan
  • Canada
  • Europe

When the person do visits of this type place the man become happy. The mind of peoples becomes fresh and mind is also aware from every tensions.

Favorite day:

The favorite day of Muhammad Abbas is Monday. Some peoples is not like Monday because the Monday is not a holiday. But Muhammad Abbas is like Monday because in Monday our Nabi Hazrat  Muhammad (PBUH) was born. Therefore the Monday is favorite day of Muhammad Abbas.


The hobbies of Muhammad Abbas is followings as

  • Listening music
  • Listening neat
  • Watching badminton
  • Playing crickets
  • Playing video games
  • Reading newspaper
  • Writing dairy.

Bad habits:

The bad habit is not occurring in Muhammad Abbas. Because he was a true Muslim. The Muhammad Abbas is not taking drugs, drinks, and smoking. Because these type habits is most harmful for internal body organs. The drugs and drinks cause major effects on lungs. And smoking is also causing many disease of our body like cancer. Therefore this type thing is not allow for Pakistan cricketers.

Social media profile:

The Muhammad Abbas is used following profiles as

  • Wikipedia page.
  • Facebook
  • Twitter handle
  • Instar gram.


The salary is 250,000RS. The salary is not waist in illegal activities. The Muhammad Abbas is give some amount to needy peoples. And our parents.





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