MUHAMMAD NAWAZ complete information


MUHAMMAD NAWAZ complete information

MUHAMMAD NAWAZ complete information
MUHAMMAD NAWAZ complete information

Full name: Muhammad Nawaz.

Nick name: Nawaz.

Date of birth: 21 march, 1994.

Current age: 24 years.

Birth place: Rawalpindi.

Father name: unknown.

Mother name: unknown.

Role: all rounds.

Batting style: left hand bat.

Bowling style: slow left arm.

Body weight in kg:

Height in cm:

Height in m:

Height in ft. and inches:

Professional: cricket.

Major teams: Rawalpindi rams national bank of Pakistan, Quetta Gladiators, and Cape Town blitz.

Eye color: black

Hair colors: black

MUHAMMAD NAWAZ complete information Introduction:

Muhammad Nawaz was born in 21 March, in 1994 in Rawalpindi. He is a simple child and lives in the Rawalpindi. After few years he joins the cricket team of Pakistan. He is famous in a few years and show good performance in the field of Pakistan cricket team. His batting style is so amazing and interesting. He is left handed batting style, and bowling style is left arm. In any bowling he wishes to take a wicket and caught a ball. His body weight is 76 kilogram and maintain his body weight with eating dieting foods and daily exercise. His height is 5 feet and 3 inches. His hairs color is black, soft and shinning. His eyes are black in color; his eyes sight is also good. He uses rose water to maintain his eye sight. His religion is Muslim and recite the holy book of Quran daily.

MUHAMMAD NAWAZ complete information Overview on his career life:

Muhammad Nawaz is an international cricketer of the Pakistan team. He was playing with many other teams of the other countries. He first time playing against Rawalpindi rams he take a 2 wickets and show good performance in the field of cricket. In his childhood he drops from the roof and admit 1 week in the hospital of Rawalpindi. After 1 week he comes back to the home. Then you going to school and show good performance in the study. He completes his primary education in the school of Rawalpindi. Then he complete matriculation in the top school of Rawalpindi. In his birth party he invites many friends and enjoys the party. Then he admission in the university of Rawalpindi and complete his study. Finally he participates in the playing and joins the Pakistan cricket team. his domestic career is so amazing then the other team member of the Pakistan and other team members of the other team member which come and playing as an against team. He is playing with many teams like a West Indies, Ireland, Zimbabwe and United Arab Emirates. He plays well and show good behavior with the other team members. He first playing with Rawalpindi rams in the years of 2012 to 2015, he also playing with national bank of Pakistan in the years of 2014 to 2019. He plays best with the Quetta Gladiators in the year of 2016 to 2019. He is an international team of Pakistan, in this test match series he takes wickets and wins the match. In this test match series his team was playing first and the other team was bowling. His number was 5th in this test match series. He also plays with the team of Cape Town blitz in the year of 2018 to 2019. His international career is so interesting. He contract with many other teams like a West Indies and Ireland. He first contract with the West Indies in the month of October and day of 13, in the year of 2016. He also contract with the international team of West Indies in the year of 2016 on 21st October to the last test match. He also last contract with the year of 2016 in the month of 18 august. In this match his playing was not good because due to bad health because he involved in the flue and fever. In his bad health he also playing and good playing. In the last moment he replace to the other team member. Then he rest and pray to god to win the match. Finally he win the match to the struggle of you and there other team members. On this match his families also come on and see the match of Nawaz. When Nawaz was playing his family appreciate him to win the match and pray to god to win the match. I also wish the Pakistan team always win the match it may be test match series and final.

MUHAMMAD NAWAZ complete information Favorite colors:

His favorite color is green and yellow. He wears any dress in yellow and green colors. In the birth party of his friend he wears a nice dress on his mother choice in black and brown in colors. But he does not like a dress but he wear only on his mother advice. On the events of Eid he wears a yellow dress but you looking so handsome.   The Muhammad Nawaz wear this color dresses for interviews and other family functions. The yellow and green color is suit on Muhammad Nawaz.

MUHAMMAD NAWAZ complete information Favorite songs:

The Muhammad Nawaz like the songs of Indian actors. The sometime listen Pakistani actress song because he thought the song give refreshment of our mind, the Muhammad Nawaz listening music when they are free from our works. During the work he was not waste our time in this type activities.

MUHAMMAD NAWAZ complete information Favorite food:

The favorites food of Muhammad Nawaz is following as,

  • Chicken biryani.
  • Chinese Palou.
  • Fry fish.

And in sweat dishes he like something’s these things are following as

  • Vanilla ice cream.
  • Chocolate cake on birth day party.

MUHAMMAD NAWAZ complete information Favorite fruits:

The favorite’s fruits of Muhammad Nawaz is following as

These all fruits are very necessary for body growth. The fruits is a naturally food for body organ growth. The sometime Muhammad Nawaz drink juice of his favorite fruits. The juice is necessary for body health. Therefore the fruits and fruits juices are make our body fit and healthy.


The favorite drinks of Muhammad Nawaz is following as

  • Mango juice.
  • Strawberry juice.
  • Apple milkshake.
  • Orange juice.

These all juices are favorite drinks of Muhammad Nawaz. The Muhammad Nawaz take only soft drinks because the soft drinks are not harmful for body organs. Therefore the soft drinks are necessary for our body growth and fitness of our body.


The Muhammad Nawaz does not take drinks of alcohol. Does not take smoking. And not take other type drugs. These type things make our body weak and the internal organs of our body do not proper work.

Favorite place:

The favorite place of Muhammad Nawaz is following as

The Muhammad Nawaz is going of this place not for just playing. He was also going for enjoyment for our happy mood with our family. They give great importance of our family. The every happiness of Muhammad Nawaz celebrates with our family without our family Muhammad Nawaz feels incomplete.


Muhammad Nawaz daily takes a breakfast of egg and milk of glass in winter season. He takes juice in any fruits with apple in summer season. Because these foods thing which is best for good health and physical fitness. These things provide energy of your body. One day he was so anger to the personal issue but he cannot describe here so he was going without breakfast. Then without breakfast his health condition are so bad. His mother was so sad on the route behavior of his son Muhammad Nawaz. After one day he come back to the home his mother was so happy due to return at home. Then his mother was advising him to don’t show rout behavior in any condition. But face the any problem which occurs in our life. His father was disappointed due to rout behavior of his son. Then Nawaz was sorry of his mother and father. He spends more time with family and show good behavior with his family and other person.


In lunch he eats salad and fast food. Green salad is best for your health and provides necessary minerals to the is required to your body for good health. But fast food not good for your health because these fast food caused his body weight was increased. Due to increase his body weight you cannot participate in any game. He liked many vegetables like a cabbage, spinach, capsicum and carrot etc. these food provide energy to your body.


The hobbies of Muhammad Nawaz is following as

  • Listening music.
  • Watching movies.
  • Playing videos games.
  • Reading of historical books.
  • Reading of interesting story books.
  • Watching football match.


The social media give more help contact with public for comments and world information. The social media profile of Muhammad Nawaz is following as

  • Google page.
  • Wikipedia page.
  • Twitter handle.
  • Face book.


The salary of Muhammad Nawaz is 600,000RS. The Muhammad Nawaz is not waste his salary for illegal works and activities, the illegal work is not allow in our Pakistan and Islam. The Muslim person give great importance of our Islam therefore the true Muslim cannot waste our salary that are earn with our honesty and after hard working. They used our salary of legal works.


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