What is function?

What is function?
What is function?

The Riemann letter perform

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What is function? Publisher outline

This chapter discusses the Riemann letter perform. The practical equation makes attainable associate degree estimate of the behavior of W close to the origin: W five x -1/2, and so the perform is integral over the half-axis x > zero. It’s conjointly necessary to grasp the behavior of W because the complicated variable s approaches s = I on a path within the right 0.5 plane nearly parallel to the important axis.

What is function? For the perform f=√x2+49, what’s f”. What’s f” and f”?



F’’ (0) =17 and f’’ (9) =0.0816


F”(x) is that the second spinoff and f'(x) is reckoning.

As f(x) =√x2+49

F'(x) =12√x2+49×2x=x√x2+49

And f”(x) =√x2+49−x√x2+49×2+49

= x2+49−x(x2+49)32=x2−x+49(x2+49)32

Hence, f’’ (0) =494932=49343=17

And f’’ (9) =81−9+49(130)32=12113032=0.0816

X”AF” performs forty nine – Initialize Addis to Use Panels

Initializes Addis to be used with Panels.

The x”AF” perform forty nine creates a panel with an equivalent dimensions as your screen. This panel is mechanically enabled and is house crammed with white on black attributes. The screen is cleared.

You execute this decision one time at the start of your program.


Call x”AF” victimization   unit-panels-fan



Unit-panels-fan                pic x comp-x worth forty nine.

Parameter          Any alphabetical information item. Addis ignores its size and contents.


01 unit-panels-fan    pic x comp-x worth forty nine.

01 parameter         pic x.

Decision afar” victimization unit-panels-fan

           What is function? Parameter

The panel created by this decision is mechanically enabled, clearing the previous contents from the screen. It contains areas because the default scene character. All settle for and show statements are directed to the present panel unless another panel is specific. See the perform Specify Panel for ACCEPT/DISPLAY for data on a way to try this. The panel symbol worth of the panel created by this decision is usually zero.

This decision creates six panels to be used by Addis. Well-nigh the primary of the subsequent list are on very cheap line of your screen.

  • A full screen panel.
  • An Addis error message panel, in columns one through seventy seven.
  • A one-character panel for the Insert indicator.
  • A one-character panel for the Off-end-of-field indicator.
  • A one-character panel for the Auto-skip indicator.
  • A one-character panel for the Replace indicator.

These six panels can not be utilized by your program.

Uniqueness theorems for xeromorphic functions regarding fixed-points

What is function? Abstract

In this article, we have a tendency to traumatize the distinctiveness issues on xeromorphic functions regarding differential polynomials that share fixed-points. Moreover, we have a tendency to greatly improve a former result.

Keywords: Fixed-point, Uniqueness, Xeromorphic perform, 2001 arithmetic Subject Classification: 30D35

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What is function? Acknowledgements

Research of the primary author supported by the JSPS Post degree Fellowship Program. Analysis of the second author supported by the National science Foundation of Chin.

The first author is grateful to faculty member Seiki MORI for his heat support and facilitate at Yamagata University.

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