What is science?

What is science?
What is science?


What is science? The request couldn’t be happy.

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The Science in sixty Seconds film competition asks rising freelance filmmakers curious about science communication to submit a 1-minute video on any science topic. Videos will be on any science topic and were judged on creativeness, production values, storytelling and clarity for a world audience.

A selection of the videos is showcased as a part of Congress ’20. The highest 3 finalists can win free certification to Congress ’21, and therefore the grand winner can win certification, building and trip Congress ’21. For examples, verify last year’s winners and finalists…

What is science? ELIGIBILITY & RULES

This competition is hospitable rising freelance filmmakers curious about science communication. Videos will be on any science topic and can be judged on creativeness, production values, storytelling and clarity for a world audience.

What is science? Producers should be:

  • An rising freelance movie maker
  • Under the age of thirty five
  • Operating severally
  • 100% copyright owner of the video

What is science? Videos should be:

  • In one among 2 formats:

O             1:1 OR 5:6 ratio video for Integram Feed – most length sixty seconds

O             9:16 ratio video for Integram Stories/TikTok – most length of sixty seconds

  • On any science topic
  • Original content created specifically for this contest
  • Uploaded as associate degree unlisted YouTube video
  • In English or have English subtitles/captions

Note: candidates should submit a certification statement certifying adherence to all or any official rules and tips. If any producer is found to possess broken the rules of the competition or acted unsuitably, the competition organizers reserve the proper to disqualify the producer and therefore the video from official competition.

Rating: Completed films ought to aim for a PG rating; there ought to be no swearing, extreme violence, sexual content/nudity, or adult themes.

Footage: All footage within the videos ought to be original with rights entirely in hand by the Producer. Videos exploitation stock or archive footage won’t be accepted.

Equipment and Costs: Any video or film camera is also used throughout the assembly. Animation, motion graphics, and tricks are allowable. Any prices related to the event, production or post-production of the video are entirely the responsibility of the producer.

Copyright: All rights to the video belong to the producer and it’s the responsibility of the producer to make sure all production components of the video together with however not restricted to visuals, narration, music, audio recording are totally cleared.

The World Congress of Science and Factual Producers reserves the non-exclusive right to use the video once its delivery for non-commercial functions together with promotional or academic functions for a amount of 2 years from delivery date ending on Hallowmas, 2022. The producer shall not distribute or advertise the video in any means throughout the official competition amount. Any pre-screening or on-line unharness of the finished video before the official screening on Dec ten at Congress ’20 isn’t allowable.

Timeline: All artistic work should manifest itself throughout the official competition amount. Any artistic work started or completed prior to of the Competition is prohibited.

Awards: chooseion|the choice} committee can select rival videos for screening at the planet Congress of Science and Factual Producers and can conjointly showcase finalists on WCSFP’s social media channels. The highest 3 finalists can receive a free registration for Congress ’21. The grand winner can receive economy transportation, four nights building and registration for Congress ’21.

What is science? Early cultures

Main article: History of science in early cultures

Neither the words nor the ideas “science” and “nature” were a part of the abstract landscape within the Ancient geographical area. The traditional Mesopotamians used data regarding the properties of varied natural chemicals for producing pottery, faience, glass, soap, metals, lime plaster, and waterproofing; they conjointly studied animal physiology, anatomy, and behavior for divinatory purposes and created intensive records of the movements of astronomical objects for his or her study of star divination.

 Classical antiquity

Main article: History of science in classical antiquity 

See also: Nature

In classical antiquity, there’s no real ancient analog of a contemporary individual. Instead, lettered, sometimes property-owning, and virtually universally male people performed numerous investigations into nature whenever they may afford the time.  Before the invention or discovery of the conception of “nature” by the Pre-Socratic philosophers, constant words tend to be accustomed describe the natural “way” within which a plant grows, and therefore the “way” within which, as an example, one tribe worships a selected god.

 Medieval science

De potentials anime sensitive, Gregory Reich cocktail philosophical.

Further information: Byzantine science, Science within the medieval Moslem world, and European science within the middle Ages

Because of the collapse of the Western Roman Empire thanks to the Migration amount associate degree intellectual decline befell within the western a part of Europe within the 400s.

 Renaissance and early trendy science

Astronomy became additional correct once Tyco Brahe devised his scientific instruments for measure angles between 2 celestial bodies, before the invention of the telescope. Brahe’s observations were the idea for Keller’s laws.

New developments in optics compete a job within the origination of the Renaissance, each by difficult long-held metaphysical concepts on perception, still as by conducive to the development and development of technology like the chamber and therefore the telescope.

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