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WWE Smack Down won’t air on FOX next week


WWE Smack Down won’t air on FOX next week

WWE Smack Down won't air on FOX next week
WWE Smack Down won’t air on FOX next week

WWE Smack Down has been airing on FOX for a few year currently, and through that point, they need been golf shot on vast show when vast show


O             WWE Smack Down won’t be airing on FOX for his or her show next week.

O             A ton is going on WWE Smack Down at the instant and also the future is fascinating.


Next week’s episode of Friday Night Smack Down on FOX won’t be airing on FOX on balance. Next week’s episode is ready to be an enormous event for WWE another time when they created their Season Premiere on FOX in the week, however fans World Health Organization need to check Smack Down next week, can got to tune to Fox Sports one rather than the everyday broadcast that airs on FOX.

This is a one-night-only modification for Smack Down, as this may enable FOX to broadcast the primary game of the globe Series instead on FOX Network. The autumn Classic is ready to commence on an equivalent day, and as a result, WWE Smack Down are going to be moving.

However, things are going to be back to traditional following week, therefore fans won’t be having to vary the channels an excessive amount of to search out the show.

WWE Smack Down won’t air on FOX next week WWE debuts Season Premiere of Smack Down


As a result, it absolutely was AN emotional night, particularly for fans of The New Day. The New Day’s huge E, Kofi Kingston, and Saint Francis Xavier Woods teamed up for one last time and defeated Shamus, Cesar, and Shinseki Nakamura on this week’s episode of WWE Smack Down.

It was a grievous moment, because the 3 shared AN emotional time along. After this, huge E are going to be staying on Smack Down, whereas Kofi Kingston and Saint Francis Xavier Woods heads to WWE RAW with their WWE RAW Tag Team Championships.


The night conjointly saw a WWE Universal Championship clash on Smack Down between Roman Reigns and Braun Stromal. Roman Reigns used underhanded means that to beat Stromal and so was able to get him to pass out, mistreatment the Guillotine Choke. When the match was done, Roman Reigns beat down Braun Stromal employing a steel chair, however it absolutely was Jay Use World Health Organization came out for the save, and eventually, it absolutely was him beating down Roman Reigns with the steel chair as Smack Down went off the air.

Finally, Bailey failed to sign her contract for the Hell during a Cell match against her Smack Down rival and former ally Sasha Banks. It’ll be fascinating to check however Smack Down plays out next week on FS1.

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