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WWF magisterially was a web wrestling game created by Genetic Anomalies in conjunction with World Wrestling Federation because it was proverbial at the time, and THQ.

As a results of a case between the WWF and therefore the [[World life Fund, the game’s official title became WWE With Authority! within the summer of 2002.Contents

WWE with authority Gameplay

At its core, WWE With Authority! was a Collectible cards in electronic type. Players may purchase virtual “Pages” and assemble them into a “Playbook.” This playbook would represent the moves and skills that your combatant would be capable of pull off within the ring.

WWE With Authority! was distributed as a downloadable software package game and was obtainable on CD in retail stores for US$5.00. The retail version came with a redemption code for a William majestic starter playbook. Players may purchase extra reconstructed playbooks for superstars consisting of complete choices of plays for US$10.00. Booster packs were additionally obtainable for US$3.00 that embrace Associate in Nursing assortment of random individual pages to intensify your existing playbooks. a definite quantity of rarer cards were warranted in every booster.

There is one player mode, that is meant as a tutorial. just one opponent within the tutorial is actually playable. the sport was primarily in gear towards the web multiplayer game, wherever as several as one,000 folks were obtainable at any given time throughout the game’s height. the sport unbroken track of the player’s wins, losses and attracts, further because the range of times a player has been stop within the middle of a match. This feature was to discourage players from terminating the program to avoid taking a loss.

WWE with authority Expansion sets

There were seven sets place up available at varied times throughout the games tenure.

WWE with authority Season One

          First Edition, 196 cards

This was the primary set of the sport. Established the framework and surroundings.

          No resolution, one hundred forty five cards

This enlargement rounded the sport resolute an entire play surroundings.

          WrestleMania X8, twenty five cards

This “mini-expansion” was on sale just for a month or 2. it had been developed throughout the show itself, with designers at the event taking notes then scrambling back to implement, code and check the set. the most theme was the inclusion of the NWO.

WWE with authority Season Two

          TLC, one hundred sixty cards

The “Tables, Ladders and Chairs” enlargement greatly magnified the quantity of hardcore and smuggled moves and special cards obtainable to players. coinciding with this set was the discharge of the new “Ladder Match”.

          Second Edition, 250 cards

This set enclosed 238 reprints from Season One and twelve Superstars. These Superstars were new versions of existing superstars, as well as new gameplay text. This update theme received a mixed reaction.

          Sum merlin 2002, twenty five cards

Based on the results from the X8 mini-expansion, Genetic Anomalies discharged Sum merlin 2002.

          Unforgiven, two hundred cards

This set marked the come back to themes that were based mostly a lot of on card mechanics and fewer on plot development.

          “Expansion Eight”, around a hundred and fifty cards

Preview cards of this enlargement set were discharged in Gregorian calendar month and Gregorian calendar month 2002. Rey Mysterious and Tajiri and their trademark moves were placed on sale in edition type. This set was originally regular for a period 2002 unharness.

WWE with authority Criticism

WWE With Authority! was one in every of the primary on-line collectible card games, together with Chrono X, additionally from Genetic Anomalies. Player reception to the new genre was ab initio lukewarm. Some players weren’t snug with the conception of paying cash for intangible product. While resultant on-line collectible card games have enjoyed success, as well as Magic: The Gathering on-line, Genetic Anomalies wouldn’t survive to envision the genre flourish.

There was additionally a WWF collectible cards discharged at concerning an equivalent time entitled deal, that was thought of to be a much better different to the web version.


In Jan 2003, THQ ceased production of the sport. The server remained on-line for many months. The software package shopper will still be downloaded from some software package distribution sites, however the sport isn’t any longer formally supported.


In 2003, simply weeks before support ceased, a peer-to-peer version of the sport was discharged by THQ such existing players may continue exploitation the sport with the pages they purchased. This way, players would connect though’ scientific discipline addresses. Now, there’s With Authority! Peer-2-Peer. This version of the sport uses micro for a conversation room/server, and therefore the original WA! shopper as before. there have been additionally page changes in 2004.

Also in WA! P2P, there are six Guide sets .There also are eleven weekly events, 2 monthly events, totaling a minimum of forty five official events a month. There also are title accounts that a current champion could use the belt if s/he wins the title, including: the planet Heavyweight Title, light heavyweight Title, intercontinental  Title, European Title, Hardcore Title, and tidal wave Cup.

Various websites still supply competition and community for the sport.

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