10 tips for 100% effective distance learning!


10 tips for 100% effective distance learning!

How to get the most out of distance classes ? This is the question that many students ask themselves. In fact, online classes can sometimes be exhausting and even give the impression that there is no interaction at all. However, here are some tips to make the classes as optimal as possible.

How to focus on distance classes?: 10 tips for 100% effective distance learning!

First, the effectiveness of the class will depend on the teacher’s choice. Taking the time to choose the right teacher is essential . To do this, do not hesitate to ask all the questions you have. At Superprof, many teachers offer the first hour free, a perfect opportunity to see if you hit it off.
In addition, it will be essential to organize well . We tend to think that when it comes to online classes, we can leave them for any time. However, it is important to maintain a certain regularity in the frequency of the classes and to have a truly coherent organization according to the teacher.
In addition to having the right equipment, choosing the right place is also essential . Being among your children or next to your siblings is not ideal to concentrate. Choose a quiet place where no outside element bothers you.
The same goes for the computer. Before class begins, close any other windows that you may have left open. With distance classes, it is quite tempting to multitask and go check out Facebook or other social media. By closing all the windows, you avoid the temptation. Your browser options can also help you block social media pages so you won’t be tempted.
To stay focused, don’t turn the camera off, even if you don’t have to say anything to it. Keeping the camera on helps you keep your attention in the class and help you feel present. Also, try to ask questions if you can, or write them down to ask later.
Taking notes is also a great way to make the class more productive. You can take notes with small drawings that represent what you want to indicate for greater interaction.
Finally, don’t forget to review between classes and, above all, take a break if the class is too long, so as not to spend too much time in front of the screen. It would be counterproductive.

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