International economy

Would you like to study international economics?: International economy

International economics may not be as present in the studies as macroeconomics and microeconomics, but it is a very relevant  and popular area of ​​economic study  , with its own set of economic problems to solve.
Like many areas of economics, international economics is in some respects an interdisciplinary subject of study, as international relations are at the  forefront of the study of international economics.
For example, if a country chooses to impose punitive economic sanctions or trade policies on a particular country, the result of such policies would be likely to increase long-term international political tensions. On the contrary, favorable trade policies can help to  strengthen or maintain existing international relations.
Students majoring in international economics and / or international relations have a wide variety of  career opportunities  when they graduate from college. For example, international economics graduates might seek a position in:

An  international organization, such as the WTO;

A newspaper as  a financial journalist;
A  government body that examines economic policy or analyzes an economic model.
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