The keys to learning German successfully


The keys to learning German successfully

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What is the best app to learn German?
The best films in VO to learn German
The 20 best podcasts for learning German
The best websites to learn German
“He who loves to learn is very close to knowing,” said Confucius. When we decide to learn to speak German , this is the most important tip to keep in mind: enjoy.
If you have chosen to start in German for school, professional or personal reasons, have fun learning language!
You will see very soon how that changes everything!
Don’t forget to have fun while learning German.
However, it is clear that enjoying learning German is not everything.

Are you going to take private or group German lessons, or do a language stay in Germany to improve?: The keys to learning German successfully

It is an excellent idea that will help you to know the basics to improve your German.
However, there are other complementary but equally effective strategies that will also allow you to improve your level of the language.

What is the best app to learn German?: The keys to learning German successfully

New technologies have profoundly changed our consumer habits. You could almost say that they govern our daily lives.
Did you know that they can also help us to learn German? Indeed, there are many applications to learn German on your tablet or mobile.
Among them, there are four that can be considered the most effective.

What is your level of German?: The keys to learning German successfully

Duolingo is an excellent application that offers high-quality German exercises.
Whether you are a beginner in German or almost bilingual, this application adapts entirely to your level of the language.
The main advantage of Duolingo is its authentic playful aspect. The exercises are presented as games. What better way to improve your German than having fun?
You will work on your German vocabulary , grammar, conjugation, pronunciation … at the same time.
Those who like to work in company will love its discussion forum that allows you to talk with other trainees.
Busuu is another language application that has no less than 50 million users in the world.
The giant Apple named it in 2014 as the best app for learning a language.
You will find numerous lessons in German vocabulary and grammar.
One of the main advantages of this excellent application is that it allows you to have audio dialogues and do interactive tests. This will allow you above all to improve your listening comprehension.
Those who don’t like to feel alone when working on their German language skills can rest easy.
Indeed, you have the possibility to exchange and share regularly with the Busuu community, made up of people like you who want to make progress in German.
The Mosalingua app is less popular than the others, but it is just as effective.
The categories are divided into several topics that will make you learn the language of Goethe without even realizing it.
Food, cooking, sports or restaurants: you will undoubtedly be able to find topics in relation to your tastes.
German grammar and all the basics of the language will no longer have any secrets for you.
A free learning club with competent experts will allow you to reinforce your knowledge.
Pronunciation exercises are even proposed !
The Babbel application is also essential when it comes to improving the level of living languages.
Babbel, which offers great seriousness and a good construction, will support you in your learning of German.
Very complete German classes, monitoring adapted to your level, webcam to chat with your German teacher , nothing is missing.

Who has not dreamed of taking German lessons from the couch?

Other applications on the market for German classes are less well known but can also be very useful to help you review your German.
Among them, there is Sempler, which will help you enrich your vocabulary because you will not be able to unlock your mobile or your Tablet if you do not find the corresponding translation first.
Those who want to learn German for free will appreciate 50languages, which puts you in concrete situations of daily life to master German perfectly.
Rosetta Stone or the BBC app can also help you in your training.
There are also specialized social networks that provide access to very active language communities.
We will cite 1² Speak, LingQ or Polyglot Club.
The more daring you are, the more you will learn.
Our Superprofes can help you get a German A1 certificate  .
Are you looking for German courses in Madrid ? Discover the Superprof offer.

The best films in VO to learn German

Traditional methods of learning a language are a safe tool for learning a language. German classes, group classes in a language school or regular exercises are always effective.
However, there are other methods that can help you complete your learning of German.
Thus, watching films in German will allow you both to improve your oral comprehension and your expression.
Your vocabulary? Sure! ¿ The expressions common in German ? Integrated!
Do not hesitate to watch movies in VO.
You will enjoy, and without even realizing it, you will progress.
The film Goodbye Lenin , released in 2003 and directed by Wolfgang Becker, was a great success in Germany .
This delicious comedy will allow you to discover the period before the fall of the Berlin Wall.
From laughs to tears,  your German will improve.
You have to watch Goodbye Lenin in German, besides having a good time, it will make you progress.
The Life of Others , released in 2009 and directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, also evokes this period.
It will transport you to the 1980s in East Germany, through the eyes of a Stasi agent, the famous German secret police.
Soul Kitchen (2009-Tafih Akin), is a very popular comedy-drama in Germany, which will familiarize you especially with the vocabulary of German cuisine.
We will meet Zinos, a young restaurateur who is going through a real existential crisis after a separation.
The film La Ola (2008- Dennis Gansel) has also left its mark by raising the question of whether a dictatorship can re-emerge. In addition to familiarizing you with the German language, this film will certainly not leave you indifferent.
You can also learn German quickly by watching German series subtitled in Spanish.
You will love the quality of the script for the Stonberg series, with its scathing dialogues, evoking the German business environment.
Do you like cartoons? The Sendung mit der Maus series will take you back to your childhood and captivate you.

The 20 best podcasts for learning German

To practice your German intensively , the ideal is to listen to it. From this perspective, podcasts to learn German can be a perfect alternative for those who do not know bilinguals.
Its effectiveness is amply proven.
Beginners will appreciate Warum Nicht’s slow pace of diction (and that it’s free), while Audio Trainer will appeal to those who want a choice. There are indeed more than 100 themes available.

How to listen to documents in German to progress?

Audio-lingua offers a choice based on level and each recording is two minutes long – perfect for students in a hurry! If you like current affairs, you will like the quality of the Lilipuz Klicker podcasts that can be completed with the German text of the recording.
The Deutsche Welle podcasts, produced in collaboration with the Goethe Institut , offer both radio broadcasts and television programs.

The best websites to learn German

Learning German online is more and more common. This method is possible thanks to the multiplication of pages to learn German . This will allow you to complete your German teacher’s lessons.
The applications mentioned above are almost systematically linked to a quality web page.
Thus, Duolingo, Babbel or BBC Languages ​​give you access to online German courses and exercises.
The Memrise page is based on the principle of repetition. To improve your learning, you will have to do the same exercises in German over and over again until you have fully assimilated them.
Lingocracy proposes to learn the language of Kafka thanks to texts related to today.
You will find numerous summary tables that will allow you to consolidate your knowledge.
Some pages offer free online German classes like Loecsen, which even offers a conversation guide.
DeutschAkademie is also completely free. It is one of the most complete pages today.
It even makes more than 20,000 grammar exercises and 800 hours of interactive lessons available.
Step by step, your German will improve and you will be able to verify your progress thanks to a personalized follow-up.
There are numerous methods to become an expert in the Goethe language.
Among the apps, the free German lesson pages, the movies and the series, you will be spoiled for choice.
All you have to do is find the support that best suits you and that perfectly completes your language classes.

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