What is the price of a boxing lesson for children?


What is the price of a boxing lesson for children?

In club, association or online, the price of an educational boxing class may vary!: What is the price of a boxing lesson for children?

When we want our kids to box, we have to sign them up for some kind of course. However, among the gloves, the teacher, the boxing club, there are many elements that you will have to take into account -or not- from the economic point of view. Therefore, it is more than legitimate to ask what is the price of a boxing lesson for children .
In the first place, when considering the option of the boxing club, parents do not always agree that there is a tuition to pay. To sign up for boxing classes, the registration will be the pass that will allow the student to register. Tuition can be € 20, although it depends on the establishment.
If the courses are taught by an association, you may not have to pay tuition and the price of the classes will surely be lower.
In club or in association, the rates apply for one year, depending on the student’s willingness to practice amateur boxing on a regular basis or not. Therefore, a year you could pay between 300 and 600 euros.
Although the price of individual classes is usually more expensive, you will have the opportunity to learn boxing in a much more personalized way.
Finally, sometimes another way that exists to teach boxing to beginners is through online lessons. Like Superprof, you can manage your time and place of teaching in agreement with your teacher. To do this, calculate about 25-30 euros per class.
After all this, just don’t forget that children’s boxing, between tactic, medical certificate and sports center, is still an investment for the future!

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