Where is your voice on the vocal scale?


Where is your voice on the vocal scale?

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The different types of voice
Female voices
Male voices
How to know what kind of voice we have?
Can we choose our type of voice?
Learn to adapt the tessitura
Control your voice type
“Our voice is the music that the wind makes as it passes through our body.” – Daniel Pennac
Singing and mastering the voice make up a universe much more important than anyone might think. In fact, while we talk throughout the day, our voice becomes a vital organ , which allows us to express different emotions, according to the intonation we give it or our breathing.
This same vocal organ also allows us to sing , thus giving birth to talents that are increasingly recognized in conservatories. In Spain there are more than 300 conservatories distributed throughout the national territory, although not all of them give singing classes .
A good way to learn to master the voice is undoubtedly to go to singing classes. It is very likely that before contacting a professional you will not know what type of voice we have or how to sing. The voice is an instrument like any other and although there are self-taught people for all instruments, music classes are indisputably a very powerful resource to get the most out of the instrument.
Vocal cords, warm-up, vocalization, rhythmic … There are many types of voices that obey specific criteria. In this article we will talk about how to know where to place your tessitura on the voice scale. We will also present the figure of the vocal coach , which you will surely know if you are a fan of musical programs such as Operación Triunfo. Let’s go there!

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