10 tips to make training a success


10 tips to make training a success

Stretching: before or after the session?: 10 tips to make training a success

Your weekly workouts have to be a great part of pleasure even when your body and muscles suffer in the exercises.
Here are 10 tips to make your workouts a success:
Maintain a relationship of trust with your coach : it is important that you trust him, in what he tells you in order to progress.
Listen carefully and talk: it is important that you exchange opinions with your coach, that you ask him questions about training, exercises …
Don’t forget to warm up well : you have to get your body in gear with the adapted warm-ups taught by your coach.
Connect your digital objects : You have already seen it, these objects can help you understand yourself better with your body.
Don’t forget to breathe : your coach will tell you, you have to learn to breathe better, that is, breathe in through the abdomen and breathe out through the mouth.
Hydrate yourself well : don’t forget your water bottle, it is essential when you go to train.
Get motivated with music : good music with rhythm will give you the necessary energy in your workouts.
Do not forget to measure yourself : to be able to motivate yourself and feel like training, you have to see your progress.
Stretch : after each workout, don’t forget to stretch your entire body.
Don’t forget to laugh and have fun with your personal trainer.

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