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Arrests of migrants at the US border hit the highest in 20 years


Arrests of migrants at the US border hit the highest in 20 years

In March, more than 172 thousand migrants were detained, which represented an increase of 71% compared to February.

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Roberto Cortez | The Sun of Mexico: Arrests of migrants

The arrests of undocumented migrants on the border between the United States and Mexico reached their highest monthly level in two decades, registering 172,331 people intercepted in March, the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reported yesterday.

The figure is 70.6 percent higher than the 101,028 detentions registered in February, and is the highest since March 2001, which shows the severity of the migration crisis on the southern border of the United States and the increase in the arrival of undocumented immigrants. after Joe Biden took office in January of this year.

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️Migrant children, abandoned to their fate on the US-Mexico border: Arrests of migrants


Biden Has Not Reunified Migrant Families: Department of Homeland Security

It should be noted that of the more than 172,000 migrants intercepted in March, 168,195 were detained when crossing the border irregularly, while 4,136 arrived at the border entry checkpoints where they were declared “inadmissible.”

The statistics were released a day after President Andrés Manuel LópezObrador and the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, held a telephone conversation in which they shared the urgency of launching a humanitarian aid plan in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, the main expulsion of migrants.

In the morning, in his morning conference, President LópezObrador called on the US Congress to authorize four billion dollars to promote development in the three Central American countries.

For its part, the Mexican government agreed to face the migration crisis with money from the Institute to Give Back to the People the Stolen (Indep). While the governments of both countries still define the plans and resources to contain migration, flows to the United States are already reaching historic figures.

According to CBP data, 18,890 minors arrived at the border alone in March, double the number in February. This is a monthly record since the agency began accounting for this data in 2009.

Of the children and adolescents who traveled alone, 15,843 came from the Northern Triangle of Central America, 2,452 were Mexican and 595 had other nationalities.

The minors represent a growing logistical challenge for the Biden government, which has to house them, while waiting to reunite them with a family member in the country, in detention centers that are not designed for children. To deal with the problem, military bases and other enclosures have been set up to host them.

The Mexican Foreign Minister, Marcelo Ebrard, warned that migratory flows to the United States will continue constant and growing in the coming years, given the demographic and economic perspectives of the region.

They will support with money from INDEP: Arrests of migrants

For his part, President LópezObrador urged the US Congress to authorize four billion dollars in aid to Central America and proposed that the money be used to expand the Sembrando Vida program created by his administration to that region.

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Tijuana asks for support to address the migration crisis in El Chaparral

“If those four billion are approved, we will be talking about a broader Sembrando Vida program; one million 600 thousand sowers in Central America can be exercised without delay and people will have jobs,” he said.

The head of the federal Executive assured that the majority of Central Americans can guarantee a job in their communities planting fruit or timber trees. He recalled that on Wednesday he spoke with the US Vice President, Kamala Harris, to discuss the issue of migration.

“There is an attitude of great respect towards the people of Mexico and, without a doubt, also towards the migrants; it is intended to be an orderly migration,” he said. Hours later, the Intersecretarial Commission for Integral Attention in Migration Matters (CIAIMM), headed by Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard Casaubon, agreed to face the migratory crisis with resources from Indep.

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Likewise, the Ministry of Foreign Relations (SRE) reported that agencies with immigration competence, such as the National Guard, the National Migration Institute or the Mexican Commission for Aid to Refugees, may request Indep for goods from foreign trade.

Sources of the federal agency assured this medium that the money will be used to face the current migratory crisis that exists in Mexico. Specifically, it will be used for the adaptation and maintenance of migrant shelters in the south of the country. With information from Roxana González, EFE and AFP


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