BABAR AZAM complete information


BABAR AZAM complete information

BABAR AZAM complete information
BABAR AZAM complete information

Full name: Babar Azzam

Nick name: Bobby, Bobby

Date of birth: 15 October 1994

Height in cm and m: 180cm and 1.80m

Height in feet inches: 5 feet 11 inches

Weight in kg: 61

Profession of Azzam: Cricket

Babar age: 24 years, 2 months and 7 days

Birth place: Punjab, Pakistan and Lahore

Monthly salary:  RS.345,000

Religion: Islam

Hair color: black

Eye color: black

Batting style: right handed

Bowling style: right arm off break

Role of Azzam: top order batsman

Relation with other family members: Kumaran Akmal, Adnan Akmal, and Umar Akmal (these members are cousin of Babar Azzam)

Mother name: Unknown

Marital status: Unknown

Babar Azzam: PCL Islamabad united

BABAR AZAM complete information History on his life

Babar azam is a Pakistani cricketer of Pakistan team. They play best and well role with team during the match. The Babar azam is Muslim player. He was well playing with team. His nature is different than other players. The behavior of Babar azam is friendly. Cricketer is childhood dream of Babar azam. After a hard struggle they complete the childhood dream. Now they are best cricketer of Pakistani team. The Babar azam live in Lahore. They spend all moments of life with family in Lahore.

BABAR AZAM complete information  Introduction

The Babar Azam was born Lahore in Punjab at 15 October 1994. His full name is Muhammad Babar azam. But his nick name is Babar, Bobby and Bobby. He is a right handed. Due to right hand they play. The Babar azam starting international Cricketer in 13 October 2016. They play first match with West Indies. Babar azam is one of the best bowler and batsman of the Pakistan team. Babar azam is very famous in other cricketers for his unique batting style. The batting style of Babar azam is very famous in international level. The Babar azam is Muslim, Pakistani cricketer. He was belong to a Muslim and Punjabi family.

BABAR AZAM complete information Physical appearance

Babar azam is Pakistani cricketer. Height is 180cm and 1.80m. The eyes is very attractive of Babar azam due to his eyes color. The eye color of Babar azam is black his eyes is pure black color. The eye color i8s naturally. Similarly his hair color is black. They use shampoo and hair conditioner for hairs beauty. Because beauty is most important for Cricketers. Now his age is 24 years, 2 months and 7 days. He was a Muslim and his religious is Islam. The height of feet as 5 feet and 11 inches. The weight of Babar azam is 67 kilogram and 145 Ibis in pounds. The chest size is 38 inches. And waist is 30 inches. The biceps style is 12 inches. They wear unique and branded dresses. The favorite color is white. Because the white color is occur in our flag. The white color in our national color. The body is very strong. The body is strong is due to diet foods and exercise. He was wake up early in the morning and take daily bath and exercise. Due to exercise the Babar azam feel fresh. The exercise make the person healthy and fresh. They also make the fresh mind. Exercise is most important for active and fast mind.

BABAR AZAM complete information Personal information

The Babar azam is unmarried. The Umar Akmal, Adnan Akmal, and Kamran Akmal is cousin of Babar azam. These are very close to Babar azam. Because these are age of Babar azam. He was no girlfriend. He belong to the Punjabi Muslim family. The domestic carrier is very well. They love with family. They fell incomplete without family. The Babar azam is start education in Punjab, he was not going to out of country for higher study. They complete his study in Pakistan. He is a very intelligent and genius mind. His mind is as fast in cricketers as different ideas. He was also telling a different and new ideas and plans of our teams in during match. His also called fast minded boy Due to his intelligent mind.

BABAR AZAM complete information International information

He was present in 2015. His T20I shirt number is 56 and cap number is 222. He was play last test with New Zealand in 3 December 2018. ODI debut cap 203 play with 31 may 2015 with Zimbabwe. The ODI shirt number is 56. The last ODI play with 11 November 2018 with New Zealand. Babar azam T2OI shirt number is 56.

BABAR AZAM complete information Early career

Babar azam is enter in May 2015 in Pakistani ODI squad for home series to the against of Zimbabwe. Babar Azam was drubbed in October without playing test. He was again play ODI squad for the against series of England. He was a player of Pakistan team. They act good performance in match. Babar azam make his international debut against Zimbabwe in august 2015. He play a t20 I debut Asia cup in 2016 and ICC WT20I but he injured and he was replace by Sharell khan. He is a best fielder in the world. He play first test series match against England at Abu Dhabi in 2015 he is a best examples of fielder in the world. In November 2018 he play second test series match against New Zealand, Azam scored his 1st century in test series match. Pakistan won the 1st test match series and his got 2nd man of the match award in the world. In the 3rd and final ODI of the test series Azam ended up scoring 3rd consecutive century to 117 from 106 and become good batsman in the world. He also become a 3rd batsman in the world because he got at least 3 successive ODI inning for Pakistan. He is a honest person and play well in the world.

Information about domestic team

Azam is a Pakistani cricketer player. He is a best top batsman in the world cricket. He hold the record for faster batsman in the world. He is a popular person in the world. 2010 to present he play with the team of Zaria Taraqiati bank. In this years his team show good performance in the world and play with other teams he also show good performance with the other teams. In 2012 to 2015 his team is Islamabad leopards. In 2016 his team is Islamabad united and Rangpur Riders. In 2017 his team is Karachi kings and Guyana Amazon Warriors. During the test match series he play against England in May 2018, he was struck on the arm without padding by a bouncer from Ben Stokes, when he was batting on 68. After examination Azam had fracture his left wrist with a broken and admin 3 days in the hospital. He was not play match for 3 month due to fracture his arm. After 3 month he inter the test match series and play best in the world.


  • ICC World ODI XI in 2017
  • PCB ODI Player of the years in 2017
  • PCB T20I player of the years in 2018

Records and achievements

  • Azam is a 2nd faster Pakistani and 2nd fastest batsman in the world to reach 5th, 6th and 8th in ODI hundreds.
  • He is faster batsman in the world to reach 7th ODI hundreds.
  • He is fastest in the world to reach 1000 T20I runs.
  • He is 2nd most runs scored by a Pakistani cricketer in a T20I bilateral test match series.
  • He play most runs in test match series in 3 match in T2OI series by the Pakistani cricketer.
  • He is 2nd most T20I runs in the world and most by a Pakistani cricketer.
  • He also play against other team with other countries so he show best performance in the world and in any test match series.

Side effects on his life

  • No smoking
  • Don’t drink alcohol
  • Don’t take any hard drink
  • Don’t take drugs
  • Any bad habit not inter in your life


The hobbies of Babar azam is following as,

  • Watching television in free time
  • Reading news paper
  • Go outing with friends
  • Like action movies

Favorite food

The favorite foods of Babar Azam is biryani, chicken, mutton, and beef.  He was also like dishes that’s are prepare with chickens. They also eat fast foods. In fast foods he was like burger, pizza and other dishes. In sweet he was like ice cream and chocolate cake.

Favorite places

His favorite place in Pakistan is Kashmir, swat. Murree, and Chitral valley. While in out of Pakistan he like different countries as England, Asia and Africa. He was also going in different place for playing match with team. He was also enjoy in different place with teams.

Favorite historical place

Babar Azam like different and beautiful historical place as like as facial mosque, miner Pakistan, kore Daman in Islamabad. He was going in historical place with our family. They enjoy every moment with family they feel incomplete without family. His thought as with family the happiness is also increase.

Favorite century

His favorite century is first ODI against West Indies on September 30, 2016 in Sharjah. He make 120 runs from 131 deliveries. In which included eight fours and three sixes. Due to their four and sixes they increase the scores level of runs.

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