Be aware of when and how you eat


Be aware of when and how you eat

Surely you have read in many articles that eating in front of the computer and at your work table is more than prohibited. We agree. If something that you would not like to do in your job or in high school or college, why do you like to do it at home? Is it to watch a series while you eat? Grab the computer (if it’s portable) and take it to the dining room table. And, above all, if you have the opportunity to eat with another person at home, take advantage of it.
Eating together is something you don’t appreciate until you lose it. It is a time to unwind, interact, and calmly fill your stomach. After all, eating is an action that you do in your free time, so respect it.
Your pet will be your faithful study companion at home. Photo by Zen Chung.
If you are one of those who is in favor of eating and working at the same time, we already anticipate that in reality you neither work nor eat properly. Power can be done but we are not sure if it is useful for anything (at least not to advance work or to eat healthy).
The good thing about having class schedules is that you can organize your meals around these times: have breakfast before the start of class or between two classes in the morning and eat at the end of the morning classes. If before confinement you were having a snack, do not deprive yourself. The only thing we do not recommend is to delay dinner time excessively, it is not recommended to go to sleep right after dinner.

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So, without further ado. Spending all day at home with online classes will ensure that your number of daily steps does not exceed one hundred (the recommended is 10,000 daily steps).
It is harmful to become a totally sedentary person but it is true that with confinement we have not even realized it. We attend telematics classes, do homework, study, rest, watch TV, eat, shower … but we have only taken a few steps to do our daily routine.
Whether it’s walking around the house, stretching your legs a bit between class or doing some exercises at home, moving is essential. And if you already dare to do a little sport, that would be great! It is also a good way to oxygenate the brain and cope.
It is not advisable to spend the whole day in a horizontal position. Photo by Drew Coffman.
Now you know everything you need to know about ways to combat distractions when studying from home. To learn more about the methods of working at home or with a private teacher, you can consult other articles on our blog.

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