Book Chapter 8: Learn to Create Organic Impact Part 1


Book Chapter 8: Learn to Create Organic Impact Part 1

The biggest upset of 90% of digital workers is the fickle behavior of Facebook, it is the only social network where most of the complaints are concentrated.

We do not come to complain about the organic reach; You will never hear me say something like that social networks are no longer useful or that only by paying people will find you. While I have had my troubles due to the instability of the platforms, it is not something that worries me.

There have been more than 3 times in which I have lost my social networks with more than 20 thousand followers, in a ridiculous way that, although I attribute these errors to Facebook, each occasion mattered to me less than the previous one, it already helped me to generate protocols security that I now take full advantage of.

For me it has been fun to start from scratch again and again my social networks, each time I achieve my numbers faster compared to the previous one and that has been the fun.

Working without paying for ads on social media also takes time, effort, and a lot of work, but wow, isn’t that the fun of social media?

We completely forget something as basic and elementary as that, that social networks are for sharing, entertaining, when you really remember what they are for, you will see a big difference.

Above all, this is aimed at people who do not have the capital to start, who know that there are simple ways to generate conversation, content and followers without having to invest money.

It is important that you understand FIRST how people are grouped on social networks, this so that you understand what this game of online communities is about. If you know the terrain you can appropriate it.

First level: Communities :Book Chapter 8: Learn to Create Organic Impact Part 1

Communities are generated and created around interests or needs. It is a first step because it is easy to detect and create them. You can generate your own community building opportunities using keyword phrases, recurring search words, or long tail phrases. For example, if you were a store specialized in soccer equipment, you should definitely start creating groups, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts with names such as: “Group trips for X team matches” “Fantasy plays of” TAL ” team or player ”, are phrases that the common user puts on Facebook and will appear to those people only by name, because it matches their way of expressing those people, then they will join your communities, give them a little entertainment and you can start selling or making yourself known, you already have their attention.

This is how communities are born, when a group of people find something that serves them, that creates meaning for them and they know that they will always find there what they are looking for together with other users, where they know that there will always be content of what they are looking for, there is the community , your job is to give them what they are looking for, sell them what they occupy. This usually happens on Facebook, but it works elsewhere, so experiment.

Second level: Tribes :Book Chapter 8: Learn to Create Organic Impact Part 1

A digital tribe is born when you consolidate a community and add a vision, mission, a very concrete and specific topic. It is something more exclusive, even something that may have a cost or around a product to earn a place. Such is the case of groups and social networks on specialized topics where they sell courses or products.

Such is the case, for example, of the company Crossfit, we know that the concept belongs to a great international brand named like that, but it is impressive how the brand has already gone beyond the concept and even without the company organizing it, there are conventions of lovers “of that sport ”, they are a whole world community.

Here what I propose is that you consolidate your communities to such a level that they become a concentration of experts around a product, service or situation.

Another very common example could be the tribes that are created around a coach, guru or someone who provides a symbolic and distinctive value. Making an analogy, let us remember that the tribes congregate around a leader, one to whom they must pay a certain tribute to receive something in return and continue being part of the tribe.

A digital tribe is the natural evolution of the community, the next level, which is neither better nor more impactful, but it depends on your goals; If your goal is only to monetize or retain scope and interest, stay as a community, normally the communities are larger than the tribes and more people join because they feel it is more casual and organic, there is more freedom for the members and they do not feel that they sells them something for being there.

Third level: Movements :Book Chapter 8: Learn to Create Organic Impact Part 1

Digital movements arise once a community joins for a common purpose,  a Mexican politician, wrote a very interesting book on the matter, I recommend it because it seems to me that it brings together the basic concepts to understand how an impact can be generated on the networks social at a good level.

Although it is not an easy task, it is necessary to specify THIS as punctually as possible. We can appreciate digital movements quite a bit in political, social or protest campaigns, they are quickly forged around an issue and are generally very reactionary, participatory and high-impact, but of short duration, they lose cohesion in a short time.

The good news here is that you can create digital movements from scratch because they follow the principles of the previous levels, that is, you can skip the previous two steps and create a movement directly, although this would generate a faster dissolution, it is not the same as a movement is born as a result of a community that is created out of nowhere.

Using our communities and digital tribes we could put in them a conjunctural cause to promote it, we can do this by sowing conversation, putting a topic or “common enemy” at the top of the conversation, attacking those topics and inflating them as much as possible through any method such as ads, mentions, use of influencers, etc.

But beyond this, digital movements are forged from a work team, without the right team it is impossible to form movements. You must have specialists who can measure, detect, seed conversation and spread messages. Forming digital movements is the most common strategy in political campaigns, social and religious movements. Therefore, it is not surprising that this issue is closely related to propaganda.

Fourth level: Identities 

A digital identity is when your brand or digital identity reaches such a level of recognition and acceptance that people articulate a whole symbolism around your social networks. I have only seen this from plus size influencers like the biggest, most influential and powerful Youtuber: PewDiePie. Unattainable character with a titanic number of subscribers. It is currently the largest YouTube account, it is rumored that it even has its own office in Google, as well as exclusive contracts for attention and cooperation, how great is this character, which no brand to date has achieved.

In 2019 PewDiePie was about to lose its title of the ACCOUNT with the most subscribers; a television production company (T-SERIES) whose content on YouTube basically consists of original series and films, almost outstripping Pew in numbers; This is when the great power of a digital identity shines: People around the world took to the streets organizing a great coordinated movement to promote and promote the YouTuber to support him and not lose his first place. There were even people renting SPECTACULAR advertising on the main avenues of their cities to promote the YouTuber and gain subscribers.

The real influencers

People were so committed to this iconic character that they sent him money without his asking, paid for social media ads in his name, people did everything humanly possible for the charismatic Swedish boy.

It is clear how a digital identity far exceeds any movement, it is something permanent, I call it an identity because people identify and blend in with the character so much that they would give everything for that person as if it were a personal benefit, they come to love so much an identity that they identify with and love her as if they had her close to them in their lives.

The reproductions, the viralization and the media impact may be achievable and replicable, no one denies it, there are even courses and methodologies for it. But no one can replicate that level of acceptance, identity and so positive feeling. Nobody, no brand, company, influencer or superstar has so minimal HATE and so maximum real affection.

Mexico has its own champion and I mention it because it is the only case in all of Latin America and South America that achieved such a degree of digital identity. In what is known as the second wave of the arrival of the internet (better understood for me as the “arrival of YouTube”) for Spanish speaking, a character emerged whose media impact was the first true digital influencer in all of Latin America and South America, I am referring to Gabriel Montiel better known as the Wervertumorro.

It was so disruptive that not even the companies believed it. The huge numbers that an ordinary person was generating for the first time took many, many years to accept the brands and companies that were fighting for a bit of attention on television.

How is that level of REAL acceptance replicated?

The question that I leave open at the end of this chapter is: “how to replicate that level of acceptance”. Currently NOBODY can boast that level of positive sentiment in their networks and public opinion, I know you are going to say that there are already many today with much more followers, BUT no one has surpassed the positive rates of these influencers in their best moments .

It seems something fortuitous, predestined, because you could apply the most expensive and creative digital strategies, pay the best neuro speakers and mass manipulators with the most expensive tools of artificial intelligence, Big Data, sentiment, machine learning, put neural networks to work of Google and Facebook together but NOT SO would you achieve such a level of identity, acceptance and love as these influencers have.

I am impressed and passionate about the subject BECAUSE you could reach the numbers you want (as various channels, media and politicians have done) but something that cannot be replicated is the acceptance, affection, charisma and the chemistry that people feel by interacting with someone who makes content from their greatest passion and dedication.

If you got to this point it is because you liked it, you are not fooling me. If so, I would greatly appreciate you sharing this episode of my Community Managers From Zero Book, every week I will be publishing a new chapter hoping it will be of much use to you. No more for the moment, I say goodbye.


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