Boxing in private lessons


Boxing in private lessons

On the Superprof website , for example, the average prices for an hour of boxing class change from one city to another: Boxing in private lessons

Madrid: € 23
Barcelona: € 30
Granada: € 15
Valencia: € 17.20
Albacete: € 16
Oviedo: € 14
Gran Canaria: € 13
Seville: € 15

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Boxing in a gym
Taking into account that there are more than 20 boxing gyms per city, it is impossible for us, again, to indicate all the prices.
Most of the time, boxing academies offer classes yearly or monthly (and sometimes quarterly). Sometimes you can request a free trial first class so you can confirm whether or not you like it before signing up.
If you want to have a federative license, along with your registration, you have to deliver a medical certificate and pay the license and tuition to the gym or boxing club.
You can consult all the information related to federated boxing on the website of the Federation of the Spanish Boxing Federation.
In a gym, joining is usually between € 200 and € 300. However, it depends on each chain or establishment and if you take an offer.
In addition, you will have to get your own boxing equipment:
Boxing gloves
Mitts and protections
Dental protector
Body protections
Shin pads
Knee and elbow pads (for Muay Thai and mixed martial arts)
Boxing helmet
Boxing shoes
Boxing shorts
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