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Boxing in Valencia: where to find classes?


Boxing in Valencia: where to find classes?

Valencians cannot complain about the offer of classes available to keep in good physical shape.
There are many mixed classes aimed at improving the agility of athletes with an experienced physical trainer, both in contact sports clubs and in martial arts schools.
As in other cities, women’s boxing is in full swing in Valencia.
The Valencian boxing clubs that offer various contact sports disciplines are:
Monteolivete boxing school : amateur and professional boxing, recreational boxing, etc.
Fabra Sport : you can practice: jiu jitsu, taekwondo, aikido, hapkido, krav maga, boxing , keysi, qwan ki do.
Olivares Boxing Club,
San Cristóbal Boxing Club,
Cuban boxing club,
Boxing Unitres,
Dojo Hikari Valencia: they offer classes in muay thai, boxing, aikido, K-1, yoga, MMA, Krav maga …
Okinawa : you can practice muay thai or Thai boxing, one of the most popular martial arts in the world.
After a first test session, filling out a registration form implies imposing a regular sports practice and keeping up the pace, since dropouts and absences are frequent. Boxing in Valencia: where to find classes?

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