Boxing jumping rope: what benefits does it bring and where to buy it?


Boxing jumping rope: what benefits does it bring and where to buy it?

The jump rope is a high-intensity training exercise for boxers who want to learn self-defense, blow off steam, or learn fighting techniques , with many benefits.
There is no age limit for cardio boxing .
Skipping rope is not a child’s game or a girl’s game – it is the cornerstone of a successful cardio boxing workout .

What benefits does it bring?: Boxing jumping rope: what benefits does it bring and where to buy it?

Tone the muscles;
sharpen the legs;
increase physical abilities;
gain muscle volume;
work the power of the blow; etc.
The rope has the advantage of being quite inexpensive.
To warm up, start by jumping in the air and warming up your wrists.
On the internet, prices vary from € 2.99 to € 24.99 depending on the material (plastic, cotton, vinyl, nylon, leather, imitation leather or steel), the brand, the seller, the gadgets it contains (ball bearings , heavy grips, tachometer, calorie counter, etc.).
Boxing gear: pricing overview

Here we recap all the prices of boxing accessories:

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Accessories Sellers Trademarks Materials Price
Boxing helmet Decathlon, Athleteshop, Amazon, Rude-boys, Fight Club, Shark boxing Everlast, Fairtex, Domyos, Venum, Lonsdale, Adidas, Elion, Montana, Twins polyurethane, polyester, synthetic, leather € 20 – € 100
Mouthguard Decathlon, RONiNWEAR, MMA Style, Fitshop, Prozis,,, TrainINN Metal Boxe, Venum, Shock Doctor, Everlast or Adidas plastic, synthetic € 1.64 – € 39.95
Shorts Decathlon, Private Sport Shop, Boxeo y Honor, Rude boys, Lucha Club, RONiNWEAR, SHARK BOXING, Golpextremo Outshock, Adidas, Metal Boxing, Venum, Everlast, Twins, Fairtex, Fuji Mae, Nike – € 14.99 – € 67.63
Shin pads Decathlon, Amazon, Fight Club, Rude Boys, Athlete Shop Adidas, Domyos, Metal Boxe, Venum velcro, leather, polyester, polyurethane € 6 – € 86
Boxing boots Decathlon, Amazon, Daimyo,, MMA Style,, Cleto Reyes, Ringside, Rival Boxing, Reebok, Otomix, Title Boxing leather, synthetic, nylon, rubber, canvas, micro-fiber € 37 – € 100
Jump rope Decathlon, Amazon, Fitness Digital Comfort, Golden Stallion, Adidas, Reebok, Tunturi plastic, leather, vinyl, PVC, steel € 2.99 – € 24.99

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