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Boxing mouth guard: why and where to buy it?


Boxing mouth guard: why and where to buy it?

Take it now! An uppercut en toda la boca ! Protect yourself thanks to intraoral protection .
Although the military wears protectors …
The importance of using a mouth guard is totally evident: thanks to its moldable synthetic material, it protects the mucous membranes, teeth, tongue and jaw.
This protection, so common in many sports, is part of the basic kit .
Helps to “prevent dental and maxillary trauma and concussions and trauma to the spine and neck.
The regulations of the Spanish Boxing Federation (Feboxeo) require the use of a mouth guard in boxers.
This helps prevent laceration of the lips, cushions shock and limits the risk of fractures or concussions; likewise, it prevents the blows between the lower and upper jaw.
On the other hand, there are three types of single and double mouth guards on the market:
Standard: its protection is low and may cause some discomfort.
Moldable: dipped in hot water and then bitten down to fit teeth.
As : the dentist is who designs and shapes personalized for each patient.
A well-molded mouthguard will conform to the contours of your mouth. If not, it will be useless.
How much can a mouth guard cost ?
You can find them in supermarkets, although it is preferable to go to a specialized sporting goods store such as Decathlon, RONiNWEAR, MMA Style, Fitshop, Prozis,, or TrainINN.
To buy a good protector, reserve about 10 to 30 euros depending on the brand (some of the most common are Metal Boxe, Venum, Shock Doctor, Everlast or Adidas). Boxing mouth guard: why and where to buy it?

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